When the Laird Returns


2002 Best Scottish Historical Romance Nominee – RT Book Reviews

WTLRlcWhen the Laird Returns offered up a unique challenge to me.

One of the fascinating components in writing a series is the passage of time. The Highland Lords series takes place over forty years. After One Man’s Love, enough time had to elapse for the children to be born and be reared to maturity. Around thirty years has passed since the first book in the series.

Gilmuir, the castle, in the meantime, is a ruin.

Imagine the feelings Alisdair MacRae must have had, sailing into the secret cove beneath Gilmuir. Here was the home of his ancestors, the place he’d been told about all his life. Only, in order to save his heritage he had to marry Iseabal (pronounced Is-a-bell), an act that would change his life.

Here’s the blurb about When the Laird Returns:

In book two of the Highland Lords series a stranger to his ancestral Scottish lands, the dashing nobleman comes to the Highlands to reclaim his birthright,  only to find something more wondrous and unexpected awaiting him: his bride!



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