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Upon a Wicked Time





Upon a Wicked Time was originally published in 1998, and has been one of my most divisive books. People either HATED the hero or they understood him. There are no half-measures with Jered. Jered Mandeville is impossibly arrogant. Tessa Astley is innocent and optimistic. Their marriage was a dream come true for Tessa, and matter of convenience for Jered.  Fate and Nature, however, conspired to change both their minds. Jered doesn’t want a soulmate, just a proper duchess hidden away on his country estate to beget heirs.  He certainly doesn’t see a place for his sheltered bride in his decadent life in Regency London. So Tessa starts a campaign to win his heart by invading his home, his reckless adventures, and his bed. She just might be able to convince the cynical duke to feel again. There were, frankly, times when I had my doubts.

Here’s the blurb:

Young Tessa Astley fell in love with the rakish Duke of Kittridge after one kiss. Now, her fairy tale seems to come true when she weds the handsome lord. Only Jered Mandeville doesn’t want a soulmate, just a duchess to beget heirs. So Tessa starts a campaign to win her husband’s heart. She might be able to convince the duke to fell again, once upon this wicked time.