An Unlikely Governess

 2006 Historical Romantic Mystery/Gothic Nominee – RT Book Reviews


Unlikely Governess

In An Unlikely Governess, Beatrice Sinclair has been hired as the new governess for the Duke of Brechin, a precocious nine-year-old boy with underdeveloped manners and an overdeveloped opinion of himself.  Although she is certain she can eventually handle the child duke, she is not so sure about his cousin, Devlen Gordon, an independently wealthy industrialist.

When the child’s life is threatened, his older cousin takes the two of them to his home in Edinburgh.  Despite Beatrice’s suspicions that Devlen may have reasons to cause the young duke harm, she finds herself charmed by him.  Beatrice only wanted a position, a way to feed herself and survive in an increasingly harsh world.  Instead, she found a terrified nine-year-old boy desperate for protection and an enigmatic man who fascinated her.~~~~

Here is the world’s shortest blurb for An Unlikely Governess:

Beatrice can handle a troubled young duke — but the boy’s dangerously appealing cousin Devlen is another matter entirely . . .