To Love a Scottish Lord

2003 Historical Romance Of The Year Nominee – RT Book Reviews




I think the cover of To Love a Scottish Lord is one of my favorites, because of the scene. I love the sky, the castle – which looks like Gilmuir when it was new – and  the colors.

To Love a Scottish Lord grew out of something I read about India, politics, and how prisoners were treated.  Add in the scientific devices of the times – which have always interested me – and you have the plot of the book.

I confess to loving tortured people, but only if they can grow beyond their misery to find happiness. Both Hamish and Mary had to life themselves out of their own despair in order to find love. The way they did it was unlike any book I’ve ever written, but it suited both of them.

Here’s the blurb about To Love a Scottish Lord:

A Lord Not Meant to Marry

Hamish MacRae, a changed man, returned to his beloved Scotland intending to turn his back on the world. The proud, brooding lord wants nothing more than to be left alone, but an unwanted visitor to his lonely castle has defied his wishes. While it is true that this healer, Mary Gilly, is a beauty beyond compare, it will take more than her miraculous potions to soothe his wounded spirit. But Mary’s tender heart is slowly melting Hamish’s frozen one . . . awakening a burning need to keep her with him — forever.

A Lady Who Dares Not Love

Never before has Mary felt such an attraction to a man! The mysterious Hamish MacRae is strong and commanding, with a face and form so handsome it makes Mary tremble with wanting him. Already shadowy forces are coming closer, heartless whispers and cruel rumors abound, and it will take a love more pure and powerful than any other to divine the truth — and promise a future neither had dreamed possible.



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