The Wizard


The Wizard started oddly. I had just finished a book and I was sitting at my desk doing some administrative stuff when I saw the main character. I knew what he was about to do. Although I know this sounds odd, that’s how my imagination works. When a book comes to me, I treat it like the gift it is and try to get it down on paper as quickly as possible.

The Wizard is the story of a man who thought he was relatively normal, only to discover that he was one of four wizards controlling the world today. Derek McPherson’s conversion from newspaper reporter to believer wasn’t easy.

He discovered that the world wasn’t the familiar place he believed and that his entire life was a lie.

That wasn’t the biggest truth he learned, however. His wife, his beloved Breanna, was killed to keep him ignorant.

Now Derek had a chance to right the wrongs of his life, and along the way, perform the most forbidden magic of all.


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