The Reluctant Goddess

When we left our intrepid Marcie, she was recuperating from a couple of life (if I can use that word) altering events and speculating as to the true identity of Mutt, her adopted dog.

Bet you thought the adventures stopped there, right?

Unfortunately, Marcie doesn’t get a chance to do much navel gazing before she figures out that Mutt isn’t who/what she thinks he is and that Dan, her host (and ex-Ranger) isn’t either.

She finally finds someone who has information on a Dirugu, but that just complicates her life further. So does Dan and her attraction for him. But she is determined to smooth out the wrinkles of her life, maintain a certain calm and decorum, and end the chance for Niccolo Maddock to use her as a brood mare.

As the blurb for the book goes:

Life was getting stranger instead of easier. Not only was Marcie Montgomery still craving tacos – and any kind of cheesecake – now she was lusting after her knight in confusing armor. Plus, she knew her dog wasn’t exactly a dog.

Witches and explosions, a murderous mother escaped from jail, half-mad members of human-only groups, the evil Niccolo Maddock, and the gynecologist from hell all add up to make Marcie’s life just like the Chinese curse: it is better to live as a rat in a cage of cats than it is to be a vampire anywhere.



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