The Lottery – Furry

I’ve always maintained that a series bores me to tears after five books, and I certainly didn’t want to bore people with The Montgomery Chronicles. Plus, at the end of Pranic, Pregnant, and Petrified a new character started whispering to me. Torrance was a werewolf, or as she likes to call herself, a Furry.

Voila! The Furry Chronicles was born. You can call the trilogy an offshoot of The Montgomery Chronicles because they’ll feature the same characters (plus more people).

Here’s the blurb:  

Torrance Boyd was a werewolf, or a Furry as she liked to call herself. She thought the rules of her clan were misogynistic and had no place in the 21st century. She handled the situation by living in Austin, but even a Furry gets homesick.  

Returning home she found that her clan was the same but everything else was different. A childhood friend was suddenly a dog, her ex-boyfriend was evil, and she’d won the lottery that would change everything…if she could stay alive.  



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