The Lass Wore Black Reviews

4-1/2 stars, Top Pick

Ranney spins threads of Beauty and the Beast into a wondrous love story that is not just romantic, moving and thought provoking, but also unforgettable. She brilliantly uses the power and darkness of the fairy tale, infusing her version with a bit of humor and plenty of poignancy. Lucky readers get the opportunity to watch her heroine grow and change while learning about the power and magic of love. RT Book Reviews


A delectable tale, THE LASS WORE BLACK, written by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Ranney, is a witty, passionate historical romance that captivated me from the very beginning. I enjoyed watching Catriona blossom from a self-involved beauty to a caring individual. I could not help falling a little for Mark, who was inventive in finding a way to help her and looked beyond her surface to the woman within. Abounding with humor, danger, deception, complex, realistic characters with all their flaws and foibles, clever repartee, romance and true love, this is a sweet, sexy, emotion-packed story that you will not soon forget. The secondary characters also add a great deal of appeal to this story. The LASS WORE BLACK can be read as a standalone, although Catriona did appear in Ms. Ranney’s book THE SCANDALOUS SCOT, which is the story of her sister Jean. Still for additional enjoyment, you may want to also read that one. A huge fan of Ms. Ranney’s work, I now look forward to reading her next book, THE DEVIL OF CLAN SINCLAIR, which is due to be released in July 2013. In the meantime, do not miss THE LASS WORE BLACK. I highly recommend this truly refreshing tale. Dottie,


THE LASS WORE BLACK by Karen Ranney is an exciting Scottish Historical Romance set om 1863 Scotland. Catriona was horribly disfigured and scarred in a terrible accident and she withdraws into herself. Until, Mark draws her out and back into the world. Once she was beautiful,sensual and everyone desired her. But was Catriona’s accident really an accident,or a deliberate attempt to murder her or more?  Danger lurks as love blossoms. When love and rejection turns to hatred,Catriona’s life is in danger. Catriona and Mark discover true love and what it means to be beautiful inside and out. A must read with powerful and complex characters and an intriguing plot. You will be on the edge of your seat as Catriona learns to accept who she is now and maybe find love and someone she can truly trust.  My Book Addiction Reviews  RATING: 4.5


I think the thing I like most about The Lass Wore Black, is that Catriona really was/is flawed: She starts as a arrogant, beautiful girl. She really is just that, a girl. But then she loses what she always identified as: Her beauty. Her struggles were very realistic; she wasn’t a saint, she hurt herself and others, and she isolated herself. She envied, she felt guilty, she became painfully aware of her selfishness and other flaws. – But thorough the novel, she never stopped being flawed, she just matured. She never became the women healed through love, but she did become a woman. She started to actually see the rest of the world.
Despite that, it’s not like the author didn’t put a big emphasis on the romance; she did. And it was very sweet, lovely, and sexy. So, no, the amazing characters did not overshadow the romance, they’re simply what I wanted to focus on, because JQs heroes and heroines seemed rather replacable in contrast.
Additionally to that, it wasn’t just the story itself that was different from other Historical Romance novels, but also the writing. I can’t quite point out where it differed from other novels of the genre, but it slightly did.. But then, I’m not a pro-Historical-reader, so maybe I’m making this up. 😉 In Short
I very much loved this story. There are about three or four HR reads that I would recommend, and I’m pretty sure that The Lass Wore Black is one of them. Four stars. 🙂 Book Exhibitionism



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