The Irresistible MacRae



The Irresistible MacRae features two of the MacRae brothers. Readers have asked me if Brendan will get his own story. There are no plans to write Brendan’s story at this time, but he still got his happy ending.

If I had known how many times I would have to write the word “irresistible” and how many times I would misspell it, I might have balked at this title.

Here’s the blurb about The Irresistible MacRae:

To avoid a scandal that would devastate her family, Riona McKinsey has agreed to marry the wrong man — though the one she yearns for is James MacRae. Had she not been maneuvered into a compromising position by a man of Edinburgh — who covets her family’s wealth more than Riona’s love — the dutiful Highland miss could have followed her heart into MacRae’s strong and loving arms. But alas, it is not to be.

The matchless lady is betrothed to another — and unwilling to break off her engagement or share the reason why she will marry her intended. But how can MacRae ignore the passion that burns like fire inside, drawing him relentlessly toward a love that could ruin them both?


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