The Immersion Principle

A very long time ago when I was trying to put my life back together — it’s amazing how an addiction can shatter a life — I developed a process I started calling The Immersion Principle.

Basically, it’s a way to help you change.

Nowadays, we’re bombarded by so many different messages that it’s difficult to even hear ourselves think. Plus, one of the interesting things I noted about my addictions is how quickly I forgot I was in the throes of one.

I developed The Immersion Principle to help myself remember what I wanted, not what I was addicted to. It’s simple, but it’s not particularly easy. In the book I point out the stumbling blocks along the way – which reminds me of a great quote (unknown attribution): the only difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is the way you use them.

I hope The Immersion Principle is a stepping stone for some people, if only to demonstrate that you can overcome, you can achieve, and you can succeed, no matter the obstacles.

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