The Eyes of Love


The Eyes of Love was prompted by something I read. A royal duke was complaining that he wasn’t allowed to live his own life, that it belonged to England. What would life be like for one of them, especially a man whose marriage had ended tragically? Would he be allowed to find his own way? Who would be the woman who could help him? Voila! Richard was born.

Maggie had always existed on the periphery of my consciousness, a character who refused to simply give up just because she’d been blinded.

I hope you like their story, set in a world that’s not often kind to lovers, present day Texas, England, and Scotland.


Richard, Duke of Lancaster, was hounded by the paparazzi on the anniversary of his wife’s death. With his children, Richard escaped to an isolated island off the Texas coast.

Maggie was a promising young archeologist until the accident that caused her blindness. She tested her independence by going to Gull Island only to discover that the British had landed.

Richard and Maggie each found in the other a way to be a different person for a while. Richard startled everyone by rearranging his life to spend more time with Maggie. Maggie shocked her family and friends by agreeing to fly to Scotland.

An assassin was waiting in the wings.

All too soon passion had to be put aside for survival as Richard was suddenly the target of a radical in the cause of Scottish independence.



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