The English Duke



Here’s the blurb:

In the second in New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Ranney’s scintillating series, society’s most coveted duke finds the one thing wealth and position cannot buy—the perfect partner…

For years, Martha York has been fascinated by a man she’s never met—Jordan Hamilton, the new Duke of Roth and protégé to her inventor father. Could the elusive gentleman possibly live up to his brilliant letters? When Martha travels to his estate to carry out her father’s last bequest, she discovers that the answer is a resounding yes, for the duke’s scientific mind belies a deep sensuality…

Jordan was determined to complete his prototype alone, but it’s impossible to resist the alluring young woman who shows up at his door. Working together, they grow ever closer, until a case of mistaken identity leaves him bound to another. A woman’s heart may be more complex than the most intricate invention, but Jordan must find a way to win Martha’s, or lose the only woman who can truly satisfy him…

Remember those IQ tests they made you take in school? One of the parts was to tell a story about a picture they gave you. I never had a problem telling a story or twenty. The problem was shutting me up. But I would see something and it would just lead me on a trail. I think of it almost like a cartoon, where the scent of a pie is distracting the cartoon wolf so that he’s dancing in the air after it.

That’s me, dancing in the air.

What started The English Duke was a simple sentence in a book about the Crimean War. The sentence described the Russians using what they called a torpedo. At the time, it was little more than a mine, but my research led me to more – people who wanted to know if such a device could be made to float, or even better, be steered and used as a weapon.

Then Martha was born, just like that. I could almost see her in her father’s cottage working, impatiently glancing at me over her shoulder.

“Just ask the questions you wish to ask, please, and leave. I have important work to do.”

Jordan was the next to appear and he was even more impatient. Add in the secondary characters, of which there are many in The English Duke. In the end you have a tale of two lonely people who find love and success amidst treachery and betrayal.