Tapestry was my first published book but the second book I wrote.

When I was writing Above All Others, I suddenly “saw” Alex, and knew his story. Frankly, that’s happened to me often in my writing career and I never get tired of the magic.

Tapestry is the story of first love/only love. Laura loved her next-door neighbor ever since she was a child. The Seven Years War separated them, however, and in the intervening years, Alex lost his youthful enthusiasm for life, while Laura grew into a woman who was more certain than ever of her feelings for Alex. He returned home from the war horribly scarred, and it was his attitude about his disfigurement and his resultant reclusive life that posed the greatest threat to their happiness.  But then, fate stepped in and separated them once again.

A reviewer once stated that Zebra was to be commended for taking a chance on a book that wasn’t a formulaic romance. Tapestry certainly wasn’t what most people expected.



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