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Trust and the Writer

Trust and the Writer

I had a thought last night – as I am wont to when I can’t sleep – about trust, books, and the writer/reader compact.

The book I was reading was the last in a long series. I have a feeling where it’s going and I won’t be surprised if the writer goes there. In the previous book she began to change the heroine’s character. Not subtly, but in giant leaps and bounds.

I think reading a series is a little like having a relationship with someone. When it’s over the breakup is tough. You have to get along without this person now. You have to go it alone.

When the writer pulls the rug out from under the reader it’s kinda/sorta a betrayal of trust. It’s like being told that your beloved cheated on you. I don’t know how you get past that.

I almost don’t want to finish this book, even though the series has been enjoyable, for the most part. The character shift disturbs me, however, because it almost forewarns of the upcoming denouement of the heroine.

How do you feel when a series ends? What do you think when a writer does something that you think is out of character? Yes, it’s her creation, but doesn’t she owe something to the readership? Let me know what you think.

My Dry Spell is Over!

My Dry Spell is Over!

For the past several months I’ve been having a terrible time finding something that I wanted to read. I must’ve started 50 books and then put them down because they didn’t interest me. I’ve tried different genres, different authors. Everything, I think, except horror. I’m definitely not into horror. Or ghost stories.

The other night I decided to watch True Blood, the HBO series taken from the Sookie Stackhouse books. Here’s where I admit to being a wuss. I don’t like watching blood and gore. I have to close my eyes or turn away. I also don’t like watching sex. It embarrasses me and makes me feel like a voyeur. (I’d much rather imagine it.)

I got through one episode of True Blood. I couldn’t take any more of the blood and gore. There wasn’t anything else on TV that interested me, so I went to my IPad and pulled up the first of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books. I read that, then I jumped to another genre and read another book I’d downloaded but not yet read. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was off and running. I’ve gone through ten books since and have enjoyed myself thoroughly. Reading is so important to me that when I’m not reading it feels odd.

How about you? Have you ever been in a reading slump? How do you get out of it?

A Pamphlet? A Novella? A Novelette?

A Pamphlet? A Novella? A Novelette?

I visited the Writer’s Cafe, which is the KDP forum for writers the other day. I noticed the comment of one writer because of his book covers (featured below his name). They were all the same, except for the tag line. In other words, they were all entitled Mary and the Magic Mop (that’s a fake title as you’ve already figured out), but then under this huge title was Book 1: the beginning, Book 2: the conflict, etc.

I HATE when authors do that, but that’s not the issue here.

Each book was 68-79 pages long. Y’all, I do not consider that a book. It’s a short story. Maybe, maybe, maybe a novella. The standard book length (which is difficult to measure with ebooks) is 250 words per page, so that comes out to 17,000 – 19,750 words. Nope, not enough to qualify for a novella, certainly not enough for a book. His price was $3.99 for each of the 4 books. Add them all together and they’d be a normal sized book, if a short one. For the low, low price of $15.96.

Here’s why that annoys the heck out of me: the author strikes me as one of those people who saw the potential of making money by being a writer and puts overpriced stuff on Amazon for just that reason. To hell with the reader. But, I may be all wet on that impression.

Do you look at the size of a book before you buy it? Would you buy something that short for $3.99? Does it simply depend on the book or the author?

What do you think?

Tuesday Snippets

Tuesday Snippets

I had a tremendously busy week last week and when I mean busy, I mean successfully busy, not one of those weeks where everything sucked because you couldn’t get anything done. I finished revising The Immersion Principle and put it back up on sale. It details a process I developed a long time ago to help me change things in my personal life. I’m currently using it again because I’ve drastically altered the way I’m eating.

This week I am doing the second draft of a book I just finished. It’s a story that absolutely fascinated me. I love when I get a plot in the middle of the night or the characters pop into my mind. This story unfolded for me as I wrote it. It’s unlike anything have written before, which means it’s a cross between a paranormal, a romance, and something else – maybe a mystery. The cast of characters are wonderful – at least in my humble opinion.

I’m trying to decide on a couple of strange things. One – videos. Yep, videos. As you know, I’m a card carrying introvert – except for this blog. However, I decided that it would be a good thing for me to venture out of my little shell. I have an intense dislike of Facebook, but I have signed up to mewe.com. I’d never heard of it before and know nothing about it. I have a Gab account and a Minds account but I hardly ever go there, let alone post. I don’t do anything on Twitter anymore and it’s funny because I’m blue checked on both Facebook and Twitter. Evidently, the checkmark is a big deal. Who knew? I’ll decide in a little while. Or you just might see a video from me.

Stanley has a new habit that he started last week when I was diligently glued to the monitor except for exercising an hour every day. He doesn’t necessarily want to take a nap, he just jumps up on my chair to be with me. I’ve started to give him full body massages so most of the time he wants a massage. He gets into position which is sprawled across my lap. When I finish on one side of his body he’ll flop over so I can get to the other side. I think I’ve created a monster.

I’m sending out some books this week – just to some random people. I’ll explain that later. So, if you get something in the mail, surprise!

Things I Don’t Understand

Things I Don’t Understand

That’s probably not a good blog post title, because there are a million things I don’t understand. Let’s narrow this topic down to books, writing, and authors.

By the way, I use writers more than authors. The word authors sounds pretentious to me. Like someone in a silk blouse with a limp bow declaring, “I am an auteur,” in a haughty voice. Well, la di da.

Anyway, back to the topic. Amazon sent me a recommendation for a book to read the other day. It was a book on writing by a woman who had only written one book – the book on writing. Okay. She had never written a novel, but she knew all about how NOT to do it. Sometimes, the perspective from an outsider looking in is a good one and can yield some insightful recommendations. However, in my humble opinion, writing is different. It’s like someone on the ground telling a trapeze artist how to feel for the wire and how to anticipate his partner. You kinda/sorta have to have walked a little in the moccasins of a writer in order to understand the process.

The other day I happened onto an essay written by a woman who wanted to tell all her fellow authors that she was, well, better than they were. She had a more literary mind. Her prose was superlative because it harkened back to the giants of yesteryear. She had schooled herself to appreciate the finer points of language and the classics. She knew form and function.

She had written one book.

In case you were wondering – they were two separate people. Writers who are evidently above the fray. All of us other hoi polloi writers, down in the trenches, can’t compare.

Rolling my eyes, shaking my head, while muttering two words under my breath (and they aren’t happy birthday). 🙂