Don’t Go Nuts

Y’all, I know the Covid-19 virus has recently been rated as a pandemic, but I personally believe that some people are going nuts. Here is some basic information about the numbers, information that we’re not getting through the usual media sources. People are all for behaving like Chicken Little, and the sky isn’t falling. Here … Read more

Okay, Color Me Confused

I have been trying, for four months, to figure out why my blog sends me two emails every time someone comments. doesn’t know. The previous company – to whom I paid a boatload of money – didn’t know. didn’t know. I have been to forums, discussion groups, and support websites and wasted hours … Read more

Addendum to Blog Issue

Y’all, I’m frustrated. When I’m frustrated I tend to do impulsive things. The cause of my frustration: the theme developer or the page developer or the developer company who designed the current system I use on my website. For six months I’ve been asking for an answer about a different commenting question. Every time someone … Read more