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Silly Stanley

Silly Stanley

Stanley is driving me nuts.

Some mornings he doesn’t care if it rained the night before and trots outside to do his thing.

Some mornings, like today, he has refused to go potty. He also refused to eat. Can I tell you how often he’s done that in the past three months? It’s being a picky eater, not being ill.

This morning I mixed his NEW weight loss canned food with some of his old kibble that he wasn’t touching. He picked around the kibble and refused to eat it. Okay, then.

I’ve taken him outside five times this morning, but he still hasn’t gone. There was a huge honkin’ spider web in front of the door – at least five by five feet. I knocked it down for him – a pretty big deal since I hate creepy crawlies. Didn’t matter. He still hasn’t gone. That means he’s on the leash. I have an Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Pee in the House.

I never know what’s going to set him off. Did something scare him in the back yard? Does he refuse to go on wet ground? Why today instead of yesterday? What’s with the food thing? Is it cold? Is it hot? Is it not mushed around in his bowl enough? I ended picking up his food, covering it with foil, and putting it in the refrigerator. An hour later I took it out, put a little hot water in it, and stirred it up. He ate most of it except for the kibble, like I mentioned.

It’s one thing to have a pickey eater. It’s another to have a pickey eater who also gets scared by weird things. Rolling my eyes and shaking my head (and he still hasn’t gone potty).

(The above image is Stanley deciding that he needs to be on my office chair so he can help me work.)

Life in May

Life in May

If I had my way I would live in a temperate region. Someplace where I never needed air-conditioning or a heater. I could open my windows and not worry about crime or bugs.

Life would be free and easy and there wouldn’t be any bills to pay or air-conditioning leaks or massive weird bugs that look like a combination of spider, mosquito, and beetle – something I’ve never before seen. It’s also gnat season in my neck of the woods and it’s driving me bonkers as it does every single year.

Stanley has been in full meltdown for the last two days. I had the six month checkup for my A/C unit yesterday afternoon and they found another leak. I’m getting really tired of spending four figures for repairs on a unit that’s only 12 years old. I replaced the A/C in 2007 and it’s been a pain ever since. They showed up at 8:00 this morning and were here for three hours yesterday afternoon. Stanley went to sleep after they left and didn’t wake up until it was time for bed. Being a guard dog takes a toll on you.

Y’all, the joys of home ownership. Raccoons and leaks, broken water lines, foundation repairs, and the roof blowing off. I have learned never to ask that fateful question, “What’s next?” You never, never say that to the House gods. They don’t like you mocking them. They will send you a plague of locusts or the back patio crumbling.

Sometimes you just have to laugh about this stuff because, in the end it’s not important. It’s just annoying.

The bug, though. The bug was something else. Shudder.

Tuesday Snippets

Tuesday Snippets

I had a tremendously busy week last week and when I mean busy, I mean successfully busy, not one of those weeks where everything sucked because you couldn’t get anything done. I finished revising The Immersion Principle and put it back up on sale. It details a process I developed a long time ago to help me change things in my personal life. I’m currently using it again because I’ve drastically altered the way I’m eating.

This week I am doing the second draft of a book I just finished. It’s a story that absolutely fascinated me. I love when I get a plot in the middle of the night or the characters pop into my mind. This story unfolded for me as I wrote it. It’s unlike anything have written before, which means it’s a cross between a paranormal, a romance, and something else – maybe a mystery. The cast of characters are wonderful – at least in my humble opinion.

I’m trying to decide on a couple of strange things. One – videos. Yep, videos. As you know, I’m a card carrying introvert – except for this blog. However, I decided that it would be a good thing for me to venture out of my little shell. I have an intense dislike of Facebook, but I have signed up to mewe.com. I’d never heard of it before and know nothing about it. I have a Gab account and a Minds account but I hardly ever go there, let alone post. I don’t do anything on Twitter anymore and it’s funny because I’m blue checked on both Facebook and Twitter. Evidently, the checkmark is a big deal. Who knew? I’ll decide in a little while. Or you just might see a video from me.

Stanley has a new habit that he started last week when I was diligently glued to the monitor except for exercising an hour every day. He doesn’t necessarily want to take a nap, he just jumps up on my chair to be with me. I’ve started to give him full body massages so most of the time he wants a massage. He gets into position which is sprawled across my lap. When I finish on one side of his body he’ll flop over so I can get to the other side. I think I’ve created a monster.

I’m sending out some books this week – just to some random people. I’ll explain that later. So, if you get something in the mail, surprise!

Stanley’s No Bad, Wonderful, Exciting Hours at Day Care

Stanley’s No Bad, Wonderful, Exciting Hours at Day Care

I had to go to the dentist yesterday – a four hour long appointment that was absolutely NO FUN.

Stanley went to day care, got shampooed, trimmed, and met new friends.

The initial meet
Friendship or fighting?
Friends…who play!
Another buddy

Isn’t it lovely that the day care sends me pictures?

Stanley and the Vet Appointment

Stanley and the Vet Appointment

Stanley and I went to the vet on Friday afternoon.

I anticipated the appointment, knowing that Stanley was going to get a chance to sniff derriere and noses with various dogs, which he doesn’t do at home. I wasn’t disappointed.

A cute little cocker spaniel and Stanley hit it off. Much sniffing ensued. Stanley embarrassed me by also sniffing the derriere of the cocker spaniel’s owner when he was sitting in the row of chairs in front of us. Uh, Stanley, no. Stanley was not deterred.

He also made friends with a golden retriever, but two bigger dogs came in later. One had the strangest aspect. He had his head down and was looking at people sideways. I was immediately on red alert. The other looked like a Saint Bernard and was just fluffy and cute. The weird dog bothered me, though. His owner came up to Stanley, said, “Hi, Shorty,” to him and asked me, “Mind if I pet him?”

Stanley is predictable at home. I know he’s going to lunge at strangers and try to bite them. In public he’s unpredictable. When we go out I put him in his Hurtta Active Dog Harness that has a handle on the top. If I ever have to extricate him from a dangerous situation in a hurry I just pick him up. I was a little leery about the guy petting Stanley, but he sat down next to us, extended his hand and tried to pet Stanley on the head. Stanley immediately backed up. The guy said, “What’s wrong with your dog?”

Lots of things came to mind, y’all. “He’s just showing good taste.” “He’s shy.” “He doesn’t trust people easily.” Instead of saying anything I just smiled.

What’s wrong with people who insist on petting a strange dog?

Stanley’s gained a pound. I’ve changed his base food, plus halved his Fresh Pet topping. I no longer give him “cookies” or his Kong bone with cheese. I bought some freeze dried veggies thinking that he would be interested in those as a treat. Nope. However, I think the other changes will work to keep any additional weight off. We’ll go back in a month to see if the plan is working.

He had five shots, plus his heartworm test and fecal. He’s got a clean bill of health – but I did learn something fascinating. Stanley has a kind of musty/yeasty smell. He has it even after he’s had a shampoo. The vet said that terriers and similar breeds can get bacteria on their skin that results in that kind of odor. When he goes back to the groomers I’m supposed to ask for an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal shampoo. Who knew? In the meantime I have a spray that I’m using when I brush him. (It’s a lot better than the no-rinse shampoo I used last week. It made him smell like a hooker after a very long night. Poor Stanley.)

Off to spray and entice him with a freeze dried pea or two.