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Bits and Bobs

Bits and Bobs

Stanley has stopped eating again. Evidently, home cooked food isn’t acceptable this morning. Rolling my eyes. I gave him ten minutes, then covered his dish with foil and put it in the refrigerator. I will not offer it to him again until noon. If he turns up his nose again he’ll have to wait until tonight. No bones. No treats.

In addition to refusing to eat, he’s been barking for an hour straight. It’s a little hard to work under those conditions. I tell him to hush and he does for a minute or two, but it starts again.

I think it would be a good idea to wait on another dog right now. Good grief, I can’t even imagine having two of them with “issues”.


I’ve started a major project of organizing my closet. It’s a catchall for all my old electronic stuff, plus things I just can’t bear to donate or throw away. Consequently, there’s entirely too much stuff in there. I bought new shelves to put into the closet, but I haven’t even put those together yet. This may take several months to complete. 🙂 Do you have any lurking projects?


I’m on a mission to make myself like certain veggies. I’ve conquered kale since I figured out to steam it in the Instant Pot. It’s pretty good that way. Now I’m on a mission to get over my dislike of beets. I had beet juice this morning and it wasn’t bad. I’m roasting beets this afternoon. Both kale and beets are really good for you. Luckily I really like arugula and it seems to be the king of greens. Do you naturally like veggies? Are there any that you just won’t eat?


Off to work, since Stanley has decided to stop barking and only growl right now. (It’s probably another dog, a cat, or a squirrel.) Oh, oh, spoke too soon. Sigh.

Hello. I’m Insane. Help me.

Hello. I’m Insane. Help me.

Yes, I did delete a blog post from this morning. I tend to second guess myself sometimes. Plus, when I’ve been an ass I like to recognize it right away. I think it’s my 12 Step Program kicking in. But that was then and this is now.

Specifically, this is a picture of Vanilla, a dog from God’s Dogs Rescue that I’m thinking of adopting.

Yes, you heard that right.


I’m having surgery next week. I have a book that MUST be finished October 15th and I’m thinking of bringing a very shy, very introverted terrier mix into my home.

Yes, I’m insane. I can’t believe I’m actually thinking about this.

I’ve asked the rescue for opinions and advice – would she be a good fit for Stanley? He was quite the problem child at the rescue. Hopefully, they still remember him.

I don’t know anything about having two dogs, other than it’s twice the expense. However, I’m thinking that as much as Stanley whines when he sees another dog that it might be good for him.

What do you think? Do you have two dogs? Would you recommend it?

Silly Stanley Strikes Again

Silly Stanley Strikes Again

Absolutely no reason to post this other than I thought it was funny.

Stanley has been having issues for the past week. He has refused to eat his food in the morning. He’s done this from time to time, but I won’t change his food again. He’s on a very expensive weight control canned food that’s about $2.50 a can. If he doesn’t like that I give up.

Anyway, I carry around his bowl of food in the morning. I put it in my office in case he wants to eat there. I take it to my bedroom when I get dressed. I take it back to the office.

Yesterday, I figured out the perfect way to get him to eat. I told him, “No dinner, no bone.” He gets his Oravet bone in the morning and he loves that silly thing. It takes about 30 seconds for him to eat it, but he jumps up and down and gets all excited when it’s time.

I think he really understood the ultimatum. He went right to his bowl and ate everything. It’s like telling a little kid, “No broccoli, no dessert.” This morning the same thing happened. When it was time for his bone I shook my head, pointed to his bowl and said, “No dinner, no bone.” Darned if he didn’t scarf it up.

Go figure.



Yesterday was the second anniversary of Flash’s death.

Isn’t it odd, but the first anniversary kind of just slid past. This year I started thinking very strongly of him beginning last week. I couldn’t figure out why he was so much on my mind until I noticed the date.

Stanley has done a lot to help me cope with his loss. Figuring out what Stanley is going to do from day to day keeps me occupied. Yet I’ll always have a space in my heart where Flash used to be.

I love watching vet shows. I especially like those shows like Supervet where the doctor pulls out all the stops and saves the animal. I listen and watch stories of people who love their dogs unconditionally and feel a kinship to them.

Have we always loved dogs the way we do now? Or has our increasingly distant society encouraged – accidentally – a closer bond to our pets? I don’t know.

Flash was the first pet I had all by myself. He was strictly “my dog”. When my other dogs were alive John lived with me. Maybe that has something to do with the bond I felt with him. He became my de facto child, my dependent.

I’ve often tried to analyze the terrific grief I felt at his loss. It buffaloed me. I was stunned at my reaction to his death since it was unlike anything I’ve ever known. I’m beginning to think that there is something to the idea of the cumulative power of grief, that each successive loss is piled on top of the previous one.

Or maybe it all comes down to the fact that we share so much with our pets. We confide in them. We show them our true, authentic selves. They see us naked, sick, lazy, and watch when we eat that something we’re not supposed to eat. For all our flaws, they love us without reservation.

Can we do any less?

So, on this second anniversary I’m conscious of how blessed I truly am. Not only to have known and loved a great dog, but to realize that Flash’s legacy is to remember him with a smile and a deep reservoir of gratitude.

Silly Stanley Strikes Again

Stanley’s New Friend

According to Joni, the manager of Pupstop, Stanley’s daycare, he has a new best buddy. It’s Larry, the standard poodle who thinks he’s a small dog. Evidently, he lives with a tiny dog so that’s how he plays. From the following pictures I can only agree.

Notice that Stanley’s the only one in a super duper harness? Let’s just say that Stanley was born to run. Out of the car, onto the street, anywhere the wind blows free in his hair. Plus, the harness has a handle and that has really come in handy.