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When the Washer Gives You Lemons

When the Washer Gives You Lemons

This past weekend I did the laundry as I normally do. I use the regular washer for the cotton stuff and the pedestal washer for my intimates.

I opened the pedestal washer, piled all my bras inside, then decided to go ahead and wash the bra I was wearing since I’d gotten myself wet while cleaning the walk in tub.

You know where this is going, right?

The door of the pedestal washer jammed. It wouldn’t start. I honestly think it was my fault. I’m very careful to check the door twice before I slide the pedestal back into position. This time I forgot.

I heard this whirring sound and knew what happened immediately. When I tried to open the washer it wouldn’t budge.

I just stood there and started to laugh. All my bras were in the pedestal washer.  Just to make sure I went into the bedroom and rooted through the drawers. Nope, no bras.

Y’all, this little rose is not the type to go without, shall we say, support.

Since it was Saturday I knew I wouldn’t be able to contact the warranty department. Thank heavens I bought an extended warranty on the little darling. Monday morning I contacted them and, just as I thought, I couldn’t get the LG people here until next week.

Guess who placed an emergency order to Amazon?

It is to laugh.

Has your washer ever eaten your clothes?


A pedestal washer fits beneath a regular washer. You access it by pulling it out, then pushing it back into place before the washer starts. It’s for small loads or hand washed items.

Today I’m Grateful for…

Today I’m Grateful for…

Before I tell you, I have to confess something. I bought something completely and totally indulgent.

You see, I had a perfectly good washer and dryer. The dryer was possessed, but it didn’t go nutso all that often. The top loading washer, however, was the Grand Canyon. I damaged my frontal appendages whenever I had to GO IN to get the clothes out of the washer. I felt like I was falling in. I learned to hate that washer. So, I donated it – and the dryer – to Salvation Army, which was not as easy as it sounds.

Salvation Army will only come and get the appliances if they’re completely disconnected. So I disconnected everything and schlepped both the washer and the dryer out of the laundry room and into the garage. This was not an easy process, my friends, since it involved a very small space, two doors, and a large step down. I was swearing so long and so hard that a blue cloud hung above my house for hours. Flash went to hide in the back with his paws over his ears. Finally, however, I finished. (I came very close to sobbing with relief.)

My prezzie to myself? A gadget. A total gadget that I absolutely love, even months later.

Here’s what I’m grateful for:

A front loading washer and dryer on pedestals with a pedestal washer. Yep, I got the pedestal washer.


You know what? I use it every week. Remember when Flash was in t-shirts? I washed them separately from the rest of the laundry. I wash my delicates separately. I am like a little kid. I absolutely love this silly thing. You can run the bottom washer and the front loading washer at the same time, too.

The best thing, however, is that my frontal appendages don’t get smushed when I have to take clothes out of the washer. Hey, they might not be perky, but I don’t want them slapping against my knees, either.

You Know How Some News Reports Make You Go: “Huh?”

You Know How Some News Reports Make You Go: “Huh?”

flying saucer washing machine

Image brazenly stolen from the featured article

Well, this is one of those:

Samsung recalling exploding washers

So here’s the deal – Samsung is recalling some 2.8 million washing machines because 730 have exploded.

Me: is exploded the right word? Don’t you have to have some kind of charge, like gunpowder, for something to explode?

According to the article, the washer lids have flown off and become airborne.

Me: like a flying saucer? Good grief, could you just imagine folding clothes out of the dryer and all of a sudden the washing machine lid comes at you? It’s definitely happening at the spin cycle. Maybe it just accelerated too much. My washer sounds – and looks – like a jet engine when it spins. (PS – it’s not a Samsung.)

Samsung “apologizes for any inconvenience…”

Me: inconvenience, honey chile? Holy Batman! If a washer attacked me I’d avoid laundry for the rest of my days. Of course, I’d like to do that anyway.

According to the above referenced article:

“The company will offer a free, in-home repair to reinforce the affected washer’s top, a rebate to be applied towards the purchase of a new washing machine –of any brand -– or a full refund for those who bought the machine within the past 30 days.” 

Me: I can definitely tell you that I wouldn’t opt for the reinforced top.

How about you? Has your washing machine ever attacked you?