Sold to a Laird

Sold to a Laird


Sold to a Laird is the first book in the Tulloch Sgathan trilogy, a set of books about a mirror and its effect on three women.

The marriage of convenience plot is one of my favorites, and always leads to situations and circumstances that are fascinating to me. Picture yourself being married to a stranger, and day-by-day he grows more interesting to you. In the case of the characters of Sold to a Laird, the hero is smitten right away, and the heroine has to talk herself out of feeling the same thing.

Here’s the blurb for Sold to a Laird:

Lady Sarah Baines was devoted to her mother and her family home, Chavensworth. Douglas Eston was devoted to making a fortune and inventing. The two of them are married when Lady Sarah′s father proposes the match and threatens to send Lady Sarah′s ill mother to Scotland if she protests.

Douglas finds himself the victim of love at first sight, while Sarah thinks her husband is much too, well, earthy for her tastes. Marriage is simply something she had to do to ensure her mother′s well-being, and even when her mother dies in the next week, it′s not a sacrifice she regrets.



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