Scottish Brides

sbbnIn 1998, when I was deep in the throes of writing My Beloved, I received word that Avon wanted me to participate in an anthology to be published in 1999.  Now, let’s be honest here.  Most anthologies whizz by you. You think you know some of the authors, but you probably only buy the book for one writer.  Rarely more than that. But have you noticed who the authors are in the Scottish Brides anthology?  Christina Dodd, Stephanie Laurens, Julia Quinn and little ol’ me.

You want it when?

The only teeny, tiny problem was the fact that I was knee deep in My Beloved.   And you want the story when?????  Okay, I dropped everything (not necessarily metaphorically, either.  My desk is a disaster when I’m working on a book.  I tend to burrow and ignore.)

I really had fun doing all the research I had to do for my story, The Glenlyon Bride.  It took me into the depths of… whiskey making.  Absolutely fascinating stuff.

It was also a great experience working with the wonderful authors in this anthology. The book has been reprinted three times, and each time had a beautiful cover.