Return to Clan Sinclair

Clan Sinclair

When I finished The Virgin of Clan Sinclair I realized I still had some loose ends. What happened to Ceana, the Sinclair sister who went off and married the son of an Irish duke? I know she had a little girl, but did she live happily ever after? What happened to the villain in The Devil of Clan Sinclair?

Voila! Return to Clan Sinclair was born.


The story of Return to Clan Sinclair

The novella tells the story of Ceana Sinclair Mead, now widowed, and what happened to her when she traveled to Scotland to visit with her brother and sister-in-law ten years after her marriage.

Ceana really didn’t expect to see a naked man on her first day at Drumvagen. Nor did she expect to encounter a witch in the shape of its housekeeper. Circumstances weren’t all they seemed in Scotland and, unknown to her, she’d come to visit in the midst of a grand – and frightening – adventure. What made it even more confusing was that the naked man turned out to be an American, someone who attracted her entirely too much.