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Paranormal Romance

The Montgomery Chronicles

The story of Marcie Montgomery and how she came to be wanted and feared for her abilities.

The Fertile Vampire

She started the whole thing by dating a vampire and turning into something everyone wanted to kill.

The Reluctant Goddess

A crazed master vampire, a coven or two of witches, and a humans first society just add to Marcie’s complicated life.

Pranic, Pregnant, and Petrified

Falling in love with a mystery man was bad enough, but his mother, more witches, an angry dog, and a grief stricken vampire are just too much.

The Furry Chronicles

Torrance Boyd had always been a rebel Were and when she was given a chance to be different, she jumped at it. Only later did she realize that different wasn’t necessarily better.

The Lottery - Furry

In this offshoot of The Montgomery Chronicles, Torrance Boyd tries to come to grips with the out-of-touch Were society, a fascinating and mysterious guy, and her newly acquired powers.

The Sound and the Furry

Things were supposed to get easier, not more difficult for Torrance Boyd, newly made Pranic, first female on the Were Council, and very confused Furry.

My Furry Valentine

When the furniture started communicating, Torrance knew that her life was getting odd, but she still had to cope with being part witch, part vampire, and all Furry.

The Good, the Bad, and the Furry

Torrance Boyd could attest to the fact that the course of true love never runs smooth, but she wasn’t one to give up without a fight..