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One Sentence Synopses

The Furry Chronicles

The Lottery – Furry
In this offshoot of The Montgomery Chronicles, Torrance Boyd tries to come to grips with the out-of-touch Were society, a fascinating and mysterious guy, and her newly acquired powers.

The Sound and the Furry

Things were supposed to get easier, not more difficult for Torrance Boyd, newly made Pranic, first female on the Were Council, and very confused Furry.

When the furniture started communicating, Torrance knew that her life was getting odd, but she still had to cope with being part witch, part vampire, and all Furry.

The Montgomery Chronicles

The Fertile Vampire
She started the whole thing by dating a vampire and turning into something everyone wanted to kill.

A crazed master vampire, a coven or two of witches, and a humans first society just add to Marcie’s complicated life.
Falling in love with a mystery man was bad enough, but his mother, more witches, an angry dog, and a grief stricken vampire are just too much.

Historical Romance

The Scottish Duke
A duke who’s determined not to open his heart is powerless against a woman who is acting the same.

The English Duke
Although he had captivated her for years, Martha found the English duke even more fascinating in person – what a pity he’s engaged to her sister.

The Texan Duke (October 31, 2017)
He didn’t want anything to do with his Scottish inheritance, but he hadn’t counted on a Scottish lass.

An American in Scotland
Set against the backdrop of a nation at war, two disparate people realize they’re more alike than different.

Scotsman of My Dreams
A man must pay for his profligate past and a woman is determined that justice be meted out to him.

In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams
A woman comes home to discover that not everything has changed; a man realizes that his life has been on hold until her return.

The Virgin of Clan Sinclair
Her imagination gave her a hero, Fate conjured up the man, and her mother insisted she marry him.

The Witch of Clan Sinclair
A woman fights her attraction for the most arrogant man she’d ever met, only to realize that she was running away from true love.

The Devil of Clan Sinclair
How much will a man sacrifice to attain his dream of a clan and an empire?

The Lass Wore Black
Can a woman learn a lesson about life in order to find love?

A Scandalous Scot
Would they be able to share their secrets or each hide a scandal?

A Scottish Love
Two lovers have a choice: to bury their pride or remain stubborn and lose a second chance at love.

A Borrowed Scot
An American discovers that nothing is quite as he expected: neither the estate he inherited in Scotland nor the woman he was forced to marry.

A Highland Duchess
A woman who doesn’t believe in love meets a man who believes too much.

Sold to a Laird
A woman agrees to wed to save her mother, unknowing that her new husband will change her life.

A Scotsman in Love
A widower trying to endure his grief and a woman hiding from a violent act reluctantly find each other and discover, in the process, that life really is worth living.

The Devil Wears Tartan
A man suffering from opium withdrawal must marry to carry on his title but the wife picked for him insists on not only being his love but his savior.

The Scottish Companion
An earl becomes betrothed to one woman and falls in love with her companion while trying to solve the mystery of who’s killing his family.

Autumn in Scotland
An English woman marries a Scottish earl, is deserted by him, and takes ownership of his moldering castle – until he returns from the dead, not exactly the person she remembered.

An Unlikely Governess
A woman is hired to be the governess of a young duke, falls in love with his uncle, and has to decide if she trusts the man she loves enough to believe he isn’t a murderer.

Till Next We Meet
The wife of a rake falls in love with him through his letters but when he dies, she’s shattered and unwilling to love again, even if her new husband is the man who’s loved her all along.

The Highland Lords Series

Five books that chronicle the lives of the MacRae family.

After the Kiss

A penurious widow finds a set of erotic journals and arranges to sell them to a fascinating man who bargains for a kiss – and more.

My Beloved
A Medieval story of a woman summoned from a convent to be wife to the brother of a Templar knight, a mysterious man who dresses in a monk’s robe and tells her they must never touch.

My True Love
A Scottish girl dreams of an English boy, and when she finally meets him, she helps him solve the mystery of his home’s past (including the story of My Beloved).

Upon a Wicked Time
A duke reluctantly weds, understanding his duty, but the marriage of convenience is disrupted when his young bride insists that he be a true husband in all ways.

My Wicked Fantasy
The widow of a solicitor is involved in a carriage accident, begins to hear a ghostly voice, and falls in love with the man married to the woman who haunts her.

Heaven Forbids
A widow agrees to accompany her niece to Scotland and falls in forbidden love with her niece’s husband.

A Promise of Love
A twice widowed English woman is tricked into marriage to a reluctant laird and learns that all men aren’t cruel and the future can be bright.

Above All Others
A penurious young woman becomes a caretaker for an illegitimate infant and enters into an unholy bargain with the baby’s father, a rake who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

A young girl loves her injured neighbor but the journey to happiness is filled with tragedy and loss.

Romantic Suspense and Mystery

Murder Among Friends
She was trying to recuperate from the worst time in her life, only for murder to complicate everything.
The Eyes of Love
A man in hiding, a woman escaping, and Scottish independence collide in this romantic suspense stretching over three countries.
Echoes of Murder
A tale of long-lost love, friendship, and murder.
Novellas, Short Stories, and Collections

The Greatest Gift
What happens when an angel disobeys heaven and falls in love?

Scottish Brides – The Glenlyon Bride
A case of mistaken identity leads to true love.

A Dance in the Dark
In the darkness almost anything is possible: an ugly woman can find beauty, and a vampire can live as a man.

Flash Fables
Tales told from the point of view of a Shetland Sheepdog who expounds on life, love, and squirrels.

The Unmentionables
Four stories from different unmentionables who have a unique view of love.