One Man’s Love

2001 Best Scottish Historical Romance Nominee – RT Book Reviews


One Man’s Love is similar to another book I wrote, A Scotsman in Love in that it began in the same way.  

I rarely begin a book because of a place. Normally, the characters come first, and then everything else gets added.  Glengarrow, in A Scotsman in Love, was an oddity in that it came first. So did Gilmuir, the castle that acts as the hub for the MacRae clan.

When I first “saw” Gilmuir in One Man’s Love, it was a ruined archway I found among some of my salvaged pictures of Scotland. (Unfortunately, I lost most of my pictures of my travels and living in Paris and Naples in a flood.) Once I saw one picture, however, my imagination immediately furnished the rest of the structure, and Gilmuir was born.

Such a magnificent castle demanded a hero worthy of it. No, a family worthy of it, and thus the MacRaes came into being.

One Man’s Love – the first book in the series

The first book tells the story of a man who wants nothing to do with being half Scot and the woman who wouldn’t let him forget his heritage.

You’ll find that the story of Gilmuir continues from the very first book until the end, just like the story of the MacRae family.



One Man’s Love #1

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