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The Fertile Vampire


When I finished writing a short story entitled The Accidental Vampire I kept wondering about Marcie Montgomery. Some characters are like that for me. They just dig in and hang around until I pay more attention to them.

Here’s the blurb:

Marcie was an insurance adjuster who dated the wrong guy. The next morning she woke up in the Vampire Resuscitation Center unprepared for a new life, in a manner of speaking.

Nor was this whole transformation thing going the way it was supposed to. She was hungry all the time, but not for blood. No, Marcie craved tacos, French fries, and cheeseburgers, oh my.

That wasn’t the only weirdness in her life. Suddenly, her relatives were odd. Witches were out to get her and Niccolo Maddock, a Master vampire, was showing too much interest in her.

To make matters worse, Marcie discovers that she alone can transform the vampire race.

Does Marcie become the vampire’s one hope? Does she turn her back on the fangy fiends? Can she escape the clutches of everyone who wants to annihilate her? Find out Marcie’s fate in The Fertile Vampire.




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The book is also available in trade paperback.


Marcie just lingered like a shadow – never too pushy, just there. Finally I gave in and wrote her story. The more I got into it, the more I realized she had a different kind of story to tell.

Picture the world as it is right now. The political world is the same. The economic situation is the same. The culture is the same. Oh, except for one small thing. There are vampires and witches and Brethren, oh my.

Marcie becomes a vampire as a result of a bad decision. But not just any vampire. She’s a little bit different. A little bit odd. You see, she’s the product of a…. Wait. I can’t tell you too much, can I? Click on the above image for an excerpt.