Echoes of Murder


When Robert Hanover died at the hands of his mistress people grieved, but they weren’t frightened.

Jack Mercer, a former Texas Ranger turned private investigator, wasn’t satisfied that they’d caught the murderer and suspected that someone else had homicidal tendencies.

The case brought him up against the past. Not only Hanover’s, but his own as he was forced to consider a variety of suspects, one of them a woman he hadn’t seen for nine years. A woman who still fascinated him despite his suspicions.

The last person Hope Smith expected to see in her quiet subdivision was Jack Mercer, especially since it had been years since he’d been in her life. Now he brought murder with him.

Her attraction to him was still as strong as before which was a problem. Could she trust him and if she did, did that mean one of her friends a murderer?

Echoes of Murder was originally titled What About Alice?    

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