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Thoughts on My Neck of the Woods

Thoughts on My Neck of the Woods

What’s the best thing about your neighborhood? What’s the worst?

I was thinking about my neck of the woods the other day. My neighborhood is old which means that it’s a compendium of first home buyers and original home owners.

We don’t have an HOA which can sometimes be a bad thing. The good thing is that an HOA doesn’t make idiotic decrees. 

What I love most about it: the mature trees. I’m a tree person. I love trees. I love Texas Red Oaks, Live Oaks, all the gorgeous trees that grow easily here. I also adore magnolias, but they’re less common here. (I didn’t know that oak trees have to be 20 years old before they produce acorns. Ever since last year I’ve been drowning in acorns.)

I love that it’s quiet, for the most part. I love watching all the dog walkers and all the different breeds of dogs. (Stanley is less a fan.)

I’m not so keen on the coyotes that roam nearby or the idiots with rifles who shoot at the occasional deer. Even silver linings have clouds.

Your turn. What the best thing about your neighborhood? What’s the worse?

The Great Bra Debate

The Great Bra Debate

The other day I stumbled onto a site where they were asking the kind of questions I like to ask. Namely, weird ones.

One of them intrigued me because of all the different answers, so I thought I’d throw it open to you.

How often are you supposed to change your bra?

I can’t remember my mother’s exhortations. Or my grandmother’s for that matter. I have searched my memory banks and it just doesn’t go ding-ding to me. I don’t remember if I changed it every day, every three days, or every week. I do remember, however, in vivid detail – which is odd – the item list from the Navy. I had to have a trunk and it had to be packed with only certain garments. Anything else would be put in the garbage. There were only three bras on that list. There were five pairs of underwear, but only three bras. Evidently, the Navy thought you should change every other day.

I’ve never seen a question on this particular forum that had so many answers. Maybe there was a consensus, but I was too lazy to tally all the responses. What I saw, however, made me realize that there were a lot of opinions on this issue.

Wouldn’t you think that it would be relatively easy? You change it every day because it’s underwear. Is it really, though?

Bras can be expensive so maybe not everyone has five or seven of them, depending on how often you do the laundry. I do think it’s a fascinating question, however.

What’s your opinion?

Common Sense is Missing and Presumed Dead

Common Sense is Missing and Presumed Dead

My grandmother had a compliment she gave out rarely. “That person has uncommon common sense.” She wasn’t terribly impressed with someone’s degree. What she valued about a person was: do they read? Do they spend time enhancing their mind? Are they moral? Do they have a sense of honor? Do they protect and defend those values that are important to them? Finally, the aforementioned common sense. Do they have any? I think common sense is greatly undervalued lately. Feelings, however, are accentuated. It isn’t what you think that’s important, it’s how you feel. It’s like everyone has become a 13 year old girl. Having been a 13 year old girl I can tell you that it’s a time fraught with drama, histrionics, and more drama. But common sense? Notably absent. My grandmother was intimidating because you knew she was smart bordering on brilliant. She could pin you to the wall with her gray eyed gaze and you could almost see the words floating from her brain toward you. Don’t be an idiot.  I can’t help but think of her now and wonder what she would have said about our current culture. I don’t think it would be overly polite, but I can almost guarantee you that she’d be questioning everyone’s common sense.  
A Case of Road Rage or She Said, He Said?

A Case of Road Rage or She Said, He Said?

what do you think?

The other day, on the neighborhood website I belong to, a woman posted the picture of a man’s work truck with his company name and phone number emblazoned on the back. It was obvious it was a small company – probably his. Along with the picture, she wrote a long paragraph about how the man was verbally abusive and asked other members of the website to “not use his services”.

According to her, all she’d done was tap her horn “lightly” (her words) to call his attention to the fact he’d sailed right through a stop sign in a grocery store parking lot. He rolled down his window and gave her the finger. When she “politely” (her words) told him about the stop sign he responded: “Suck my d_ _ k.” She said he had a teenage female in the truck, and she had a young “lady” in her car.

Now my reaction to all this is probably going to surprise you.

I was amused by how the woman said that she “lightly” tapped the horn to call his attention to what he’d done wrong. I don’t know about you, but the minute someone honks at me, it sets up a whole bunch of responses, none of which are all that good. Secondly, she “politely” told him about the stop sign he missed.  In order to tell him “politely” she would have had to roll down her own window and shout at him.

What really annoyed me was her temerity to post a picture of his truck and advise other people not to use his services because he was rude to her. And abusive. And crude. And vulgar.

The day my mother died I went to her house. I can’t remember why. Maybe I just wanted to be close to her. Pulling out, I nearly sideswiped someone who should have had the right of way. The driver was so incensed that she pulled over and marched back to my car. I rolled down the window and apologized. I should have seen her. Frankly, I shouldn’t have been driving. Tears were streaming down my face. My son, who was with me, told the woman to go away, “My grandmother just died.”

I think the woman was so surprised by my distraught appearance that she just backed off. She was left without much to say, although she was ready for bear. I apologized again, told her I was in the wrong, and she left.

The reason I’m telling you this is: things happen. We make mistakes in cars. We make mistakes driving. It’s possible the guy didn’t see the stop sign, but the woman honking at him pissed him off. Then she rolls down her window and tells him why he’s wrong. That might have set him off. He might have had a bad day or something bad might have happened to him. At the very least, he could have been embarrassed to have been chided by a complete stranger.

The fact that the woman said he had a teenage female in his truck while she had a young “lady” in her car also annoyed me. If she wanted to show her impartiality – or her fairness – she should have referred to both teenagers as either females or both as young ladies.

I’m not saying that he was right by giving her the finger or saying something vulgar, but there are two sides to every story. I wonder if she realizes what she gave away in telling hers? Bottom line, I think she was wrong to post the story and the picture. I think she should have just chalked it up to a bad experience and gone on her way.

P.S. An addendum: a person on the site contacted the man. Evidently, his side of the story is slightly different. According to him, she called him an “a$$hole” which she vehemently denies. I don’t know about you, but I still think she was better off forgetting the whole incident rather than advocating that people not do business with him. I think that falls under restraint of trade.

There are times when you just have to suck it up, forget about it, and go on with your day.

What do you think?