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I Am Deeply Sorry…

I Am Deeply Sorry…

… for this picture. I can’t remember where I saw it on the internet.

Note how they describe it as a women’s “sexy” high cut swimsuit? The jury’s still out on that one. 🙂

When the Washer Gives You Lemons

When the Washer Gives You Lemons

This past weekend I did the laundry as I normally do. I use the regular washer for the cotton stuff and the pedestal washer for my intimates.

I opened the pedestal washer, piled all my bras inside, then decided to go ahead and wash the bra I was wearing since I’d gotten myself wet while cleaning the walk in tub.

You know where this is going, right?

The door of the pedestal washer jammed. It wouldn’t start. I honestly think it was my fault. I’m very careful to check the door twice before I slide the pedestal back into position. This time I forgot.

I heard this whirring sound and knew what happened immediately. When I tried to open the washer it wouldn’t budge.

I just stood there and started to laugh. All my bras were in the pedestal washer.  Just to make sure I went into the bedroom and rooted through the drawers. Nope, no bras.

Y’all, this little rose is not the type to go without, shall we say, support.

Since it was Saturday I knew I wouldn’t be able to contact the warranty department. Thank heavens I bought an extended warranty on the little darling. Monday morning I contacted them and, just as I thought, I couldn’t get the LG people here until next week.

Guess who placed an emergency order to Amazon?

It is to laugh.

Has your washer ever eaten your clothes?


A pedestal washer fits beneath a regular washer. You access it by pulling it out, then pushing it back into place before the washer starts. It’s for small loads or hand washed items.

Just in Time to Order for Christmas

Just in Time to Order for Christmas

Don’t ask me how I found this place. I wasn’t actually looking for it, but isn’t that a cute idea for a Christmas present? If I wore socks (I wear tennis shoes that don’t require socks) I’d love a pair of those. I’d immortalize Stanley. Not that he needs to be more front-and-center in my life.

Here’s the company (and they have other cool personalized items): https://www.groovebags.com/products/custom-dog-socks?variant=7690371203138

Funny Finds

Funny Finds

The other day I was bopping around Amazon when I saw a mug that read “got milk?” I don’t know why, but I typed “Got Karen” in the search box and up came the above cup. I guess you can buy anything at Amazon. I would have bought it – if nothing else to remind me to find my brain in the morning before I start work – but the little darling was $20.00. I don’t think so.

Anyway, on the same search page was this cup – “I’m sorry you’re old.” That cracked me up, and so did the very next item. I guess the “I’m sorry you’re old” cup led to the next logical product – mattress protectors.

I’d love to figure out Amazon’s algorithms one of these days. 

Just for grins I typed in sexy in the Amazon search box. This is what I got – with a label of “musical instruments”.

It is to laugh as Daffy Duck would say.  (Or was it Bugs Bunny?)

Isn’t This Cute?

Isn’t This Cute?

I have always thought that capybaras are cute little big things. My blog posts might seem a little odd for a while. I’m in a grumpy mood and trying not to take it out on anyone. Plus, I’m at the stage where I’d like to take a vacation from the world. So expect a lot of Pollyanna Sunshiny type posts. There are plenty of examples of joy, love, and fun in life and I intend to find them.  Like this: