More Pith

A squirrel is sitting on the roof chittering and the sound is coming down the chimney. Flash is going nuts trying to find the squirrel. LOL.

Amazon bought Goodreads. Interesting. I think it’s great if they could integrate some great Kindle features with Goodreads, get rid of Shelfari, etc. I’m wondering how long it will be until Amazon is the biggest bookseller anywhere.

Sparrows are divebombing off the roof. Little ones are falling, stomach first, from the corner of the roof and not employing their wings until they’re almost on the ground. Sparrow Flight School?

Just When You Thought You Weren’t Syndicated

HarperCollins/Avon occasionally syndicates my blog, even after I started “Facebooking.” Some of their choices of my blog posts are just funny. Others make me wince. I thought, since I went to shorter posts, they wouldn’t pick me any more.

Au contraire.

So I’ve decided to be pithy occasionally. No more posts about Flash eating his excrement or garter belts – which way to wear them? Nope, not me. I will hereafter deal in weighty matters.

  • Why, for example, does my cell phone only ring off the wall when I’m charging it?
  • Why does my foot itch when I can’t scratch it?
  • Why do I roll my eyes when that stupid commercial comes on and the woman hems and haws and says, “You know, that itch, you know,” and rolls HER eyes. Oh just come out and say it, will you?
  • Why does the idea of New Adult just make me gag? I’d much rather read about a woman going through menopause and finding love than a girl barely out of her teens.
  • Why do some food measurements give you raw counts but never cooked? For example, I know pork belly (which sounds awful but is only bacon) is a certain calorie count for a raw pound but have you ever cooked that stuff? One pound disappears.

Okay, enough profundity. Have a profound and weighty matter you’d like to discuss?



Things That Go Bump in the Daytime

Okay, the french fry session with Flash With the Pooch has set me on edge. I heard something as I was working and sure enough, Flash has figured out how to put his nose over the beam in the automatic trash can lid and open it.

He loves cottage cheese and I’d just finished a container of it. Needless to say, when I sneaked into the kitchen, he was on the floor lapping up any remains.

Now I’m listening for noises, just like the girl in the haunted house. Good grief.

Ignorance and Bliss

I haven’t been an RWA (Romance Writers of America) member for about a decade. I haven’t entered the Rita for ages and ages. I don’t enter any contests. I don’t have a problem with them; I just don’t enter them.

The Rita is kinda/sorta odd in that anyone can enter, even non-RWA members. You plunk your $40.00 down (or however much it is now) and you are entered. If you’re a published author, however, you’re expected to judge, too, so you get a box of books and have to read and score them.

Then they tabulate all the scores and the resultant “winners” are called Rita finalists. Everyone who gets this far in the process gets a phone call. I actually got a phone call once, for Heaven Forbids. It still amuses me that a book featuring adultery was an RWA Rita finalist.

The day of the phone calls there is much flurry in the Force. Twitter goes nutso. Who got the call? Who got the call? Who got the call? Author boards go nuts.

This year, I was completely unaware that today was the day of the CALL. (That’s the bliss part.) Here is the list, if you’re interested.

Where the ignorance comes in is here: I’m a little shocked to realize I haven’t read one of these books.

How about y’all?