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Trust and the Writer

Trust and the Writer

I had a thought last night – as I am wont to when I can’t sleep – about trust, books, and the writer/reader compact.

The book I was reading was the last in a long series. I have a feeling where it’s going and I won’t be surprised if the writer goes there. In the previous book she began to change the heroine’s character. Not subtly, but in giant leaps and bounds.

I think reading a series is a little like having a relationship with someone. When it’s over the breakup is tough. You have to get along without this person now. You have to go it alone.

When the writer pulls the rug out from under the reader it’s kinda/sorta a betrayal of trust. It’s like being told that your beloved cheated on you. I don’t know how you get past that.

I almost don’t want to finish this book, even though the series has been enjoyable, for the most part. The character shift disturbs me, however, because it almost forewarns of the upcoming denouement of the heroine.

How do you feel when a series ends? What do you think when a writer does something that you think is out of character? Yes, it’s her creation, but doesn’t she owe something to the readership? Let me know what you think.

The Most Durable Dog Toy I Ever Bought

The Most Durable Dog Toy I Ever Bought

This is the Worx lawn and leaf bag that I bought on Amazon. It’s canvas. It’s collapsible. It’s designed for you to rake up your leaves, bag them, collapse the bag, and then store it in the garage.

I purchased this in 2016 when I was under the mistaken notion that I:

a. Should do the yard myself.

b. Wanted to do the yard myself.

I’ve used it exactly once when my yard guy lost his mind and dumped four bags of leaves into my garbage container without bagging them. I couldn’t move the container because it was so heavy so I had to dump it out, bag all the leaves, and then get rid of them week by week. Yes, I did fuss at him, but in Southern Belle fashion. In other words, no F bombs, but plenty of high dudgeon.

A few months ago I had the brilliant idea of gathering up all of Stanley’s 27 toys and putting them into this, a collapsible laundry bag. I hadn’t used that in a dog’s age, either.

The only problem was that Stanley could chew through it – and did. Plus, he ate the cloth handles.

I saw the Worx bag in the garage the other day and the light bulb went on over my head. I gathered up all of Stanley’s toys and put them into the Worx bag. Stanley can’t chew through it because it’s canvas. Plus, it’s amazing watching him learn how to turn it on its side, or manipulate it in order to get to his toys. At night I’ll toss a few cookies in there and he’ll have to figure it out all over again.

All in all, it’s one of the most durable doggy toys I’ve ever bought – accidentally – and one that keeps him occupied for a long time.

How about you? Does your pet love odd toys, things that were never designed as toys?

Beets & Me, Part 2

Beets & Me, Part 2

I’ve mentioned before how I hate beets. They taste like dirt to me. However, I can’t discount the fact that they’re the number one veggie when it comes to antioxidants and that they’re super good for you.

So, off I went to find some way to prepare beets to mitigate their dirt taste and still keep their really good properties.

Y’all, Beechnut has beet, pear, and pomegranate baby food. Yep, and it looks like red applesauce. I bought two cases of the stuff and, while it still tastes of beets, the pear and the pomegranate make it palatable.

I ordered the cases from Walmart. Guess who has gotten a couple of emails welcoming baby to the family in the past week? 🙂

Today I’m Grateful for…

Today I’m Grateful for…

…my country, its founding and the fact that although we’ve made some missteps we’ve corrected most of them. When we say we’re an exceptional country it’s because we were founded on the idea of the individual’s freedom, not the freedom of the state.

Happy Birthday, America! Don’t let anyone blow out your candles!

My Dry Spell is Over!

My Dry Spell is Over!

For the past several months I’ve been having a terrible time finding something that I wanted to read. I must’ve started 50 books and then put them down because they didn’t interest me. I’ve tried different genres, different authors. Everything, I think, except horror. I’m definitely not into horror. Or ghost stories.

The other night I decided to watch True Blood, the HBO series taken from the Sookie Stackhouse books. Here’s where I admit to being a wuss. I don’t like watching blood and gore. I have to close my eyes or turn away. I also don’t like watching sex. It embarrasses me and makes me feel like a voyeur. (I’d much rather imagine it.)

I got through one episode of True Blood. I couldn’t take any more of the blood and gore. There wasn’t anything else on TV that interested me, so I went to my IPad and pulled up the first of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books. I read that, then I jumped to another genre and read another book I’d downloaded but not yet read. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was off and running. I’ve gone through ten books since and have enjoyed myself thoroughly. Reading is so important to me that when I’m not reading it feels odd.

How about you? Have you ever been in a reading slump? How do you get out of it?