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Happy Birthday, Stanley, and Happy Anniversary!

Happy Birthday, Stanley, and Happy Anniversary!

Because the rescue group wasn’t sure of Stanley’s birthday, but thought it was around the first of May, we made it May 1. Yesterday, he was two years old.

So, we have two things to celebrate.

Stanley has been with me for a year now. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Last year at this time Stanley was an extremely anxious little dog. He has mellowed somewhat, but he can still be knocked sideways by a change in his routine – such as having to go to daycare when I go to the dentist. He tolerates me taking out the garbage while he stays in the house, barking. He still doesn’t like mechanical things, like the spice grinder, the hand held vacuum, the blender, or the Roombas and always barks like mad when they’re on. He isn’t any better about strangers, but he’s become my cuddle buddy and very protective of me. He’s learned a dozen commands and a few tricks, plus he’s great at fetch and, “find your toy.” I’m most grateful for him learning NO BARK first thing in the morning – like 5:00 AM – when he goes out. He might start to fuss at something, but when he hears that command he quiets down. The neighbors don’t need to get up at five.

I’ve even gotten used to him doing his LAD routine (lick a dick) or insisting on licking me with ass lips. (He does love all parts of his body.) I have Purell wipes everywhere. 🙂

Stanley adores my son. The minute I say, “John is coming,” he’ll run to the window and stay there until John’s car appears. (I’ve learned not to say that unless I know John is only a few minutes away.) He goes ape until my son gets in the house and insists on trying to glue himself to every part of John. It’s so sweet.

There are still times when I go, “Stanley?” because I don’t understand something he’s done. All in all, however, it’s been a good year. A less traumatic year then I envisioned, frankly. We’re settling in well together. Now, if I could only talk him into getting on the treadmill or letting me brush his teeth without a fight…



…because I can’t think of anything earth shattering to write. To tell the truth every full length blog post has turned into a rant and who needs that?

The dentist/prosthodontist appointment was wild. You know you’re in trouble when the dentist disappears after examining you and the finance person is suddenly beside the chair. The dentist is spared the nasty business of discussing how much it’s going to cost and the financial person whips out the tissue and pats you on the back. They couldn’t scare me. I’ve been to this haunted house before. Bottom line, I gave them my credit card and told myself that I need to write another book. 🙂

Speaking of which, I’m currently writing a new book and it’s kinda/sorta different. I’m enjoying it thoroughly. Plus, I like mixing things up a bit.

Stanley has been acting funny ever since the dentist appointment on Monday. He hasn’t been his usual bouncy self at night. He hasn’t wanted to play. He only wants to stick close to me – as if he’s afraid I’m going to leave him again. Poor guy, I have to go to the dentist for the next six weeks – once a week for them to remove a screw, insert a screw, test the screw, do the cosmetic work, etc. He is going to day care first, though. I hope it’s not going to be traumatic for him. Joni – the manager of the doggy day care – takes him outside with one or two other dogs so he can sniff doggy butt. At least he gets to socialize a little.

I removed Stanley’s FitBark from his collar. It was bugging me. I worried about him not doing as many “steps” as other dogs his breed. Okay, I was getting a little anal. Good heavens, we all have too many things to worry about as it is.

Today is put out the garbage day and we’ve already done that. Stanley stays inside while I schlep the container to the curb. At least it wasn’t raining which makes it even more delightful. 🙂

I’m on a new eating plan that requires I consume at least three cups of greens per day. Y’all, I am not a greens kind of person. However, I do like arugula so I eat three cups of arugula or spinach or red leaf lettuce. Stanley LOVES kale chips so I make them for him, but Lord love a duck I have issues with kale. Do any of you eat it raw? It has sharp leaves. It’s like eating a Venus Fly Trap. Do you like kale?

Okay, heading off to do the greens thing and then a little cleaning. Have a lovely afternoon/evening middle of the week!

Dental Issues, Ugh

Dental Issues, Ugh

I don’t know about you, but dental issues are way up there on my Oh No, I Have to Do That? list. In other words, ugh.

I have implants because of a car accident I was in years ago. They have worked perfectly for years. However, I cracked – at least that’s what it feels like – part of a bridge a week ago and I’ve been nursing it along until I can find another prosthodontist. My brilliant dentist retired, so it’s been a case of calling, researching, calling, etc.

Today is the day I will trot off to the new person with my nerves of steel. Not. Stanley is going to the day care, so hopefully all will be well there. I swear, if anyone is rude to me I’m tempted to say something right back to them. If I can talk, that is.

Curses, foiled again.

How do you feel about the dentist?

A Rainy Wednesday Morning

A Rainy Wednesday Morning

As I’m writing this Stanley is asleep beside me. I mean half on my chest, the rest of him sprawled over my stomach. He is comfy. I’m not.

It’s raining. We got up early so Stanley had a chance to do his thing which, for some reason, always includes him running to the corner of the yard, trying to climb the fence, and barking like mad regardless of the hour. I didn’t hush him this morning. I let him bark to his heart’s content.

My neighbors deserved it.

My neighbors are party animals. This is the same woman who checks on me periodically and annoys me no end. For the entire week they have had company. It was Holy Week in San Antonio which means fiesta is just around the corner. I don’t know if it was Holy Week or the fiesta part that induced all of the parties, but I had people parking in my driveway, trying to turn around almost on my yard, and blocking me whenever I tried to leave my house. (The nerve of me!)

The celebrations went on until 3 o’clock in the morning for the past five days. I could’ve slept through it had it not been for Stanley, who decided to bark whenever a surge of music came over the fence. Or someone parked in the driveway. Or someone went to their car. He was not a happy camper.

I think I’ve figured out why the woman checks on me all the time. I’m an introvert. I’m a loner. I’m happy as a clam living by myself with my snarfy dog, being visited by my son and a few friends. I don’t have parties. I don’t go to parties. Evidently, there’s something drastically wrong with me.

Fiesta starts in a few days, so I think this might go on until the beginning of May. I hope Stanley holds out. For me, I have earphones and some measure of patience. We’ll see how long that lasts.

The Case of the Missing Crockpot

The Case of the Missing Crockpot

This morning I just lost it.

I have been looking for my Crockpot since yesterday. It’s not in the pantry with the rest of the “occasional” appliances. It’s not in the cupboards. So I started prowling through the kitchen island.

I know I’ve been on a tear to give things to Salvation Army, but I got rid of the humongous Crockpot and saved the little round one for me. Except that it’s missing in action.

Cue the “lost it” part.

I realized that I needed to be more organized. I’ve started a new way of eating which has resulted in a complete lifestyle change – more cooking, more preparation – that sort of thing. Lots of spices. Nothing is arranged the way it should be.

This morning I started organizing the spices, then moved on to the pantry. I stopped myself from doing anything more because I hadn’t written yet. Job One is writing. However, the mystery is driving me nuts. I even went back to my last donation and checked the list to make sure the Crockpot wasn’t on it.

Is there such a thing as a Crockpot thief? Someone who crept into my house and only made off with a ten year old appliance?

I’m ready to ORGANIZE as soon as I hit my writing quota. That means under the sink, in the island, and all the cupboards again.

Who knows? I might even find the Crockpot.

Do you ever lose things like that?