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A Moment Out of My Day

A Moment Out of My Day

My eye doctor’s office must rake in millions every year. Whenever I go there it is filled with people. They have five waiting rooms and every single one of them is crammed. Once you have a chair you don’t leave it for fear it’s going to be commandeered.

In one of the rooms where I was waiting yesterday I sat next to a voluble lady who had a comment – a loud comment – about everything to everyone. I can’t tell a lie, I hauled out my phone and started reading a book. That kept her from bothering me – other than reading over my shoulder. I was kind of tempted to call up a sex scene.

Then it dawned on me that she was exhibiting all the behaviors of someone who was lonely. I mulled on that for a little while, then put away my phone and wondered if I really wanted to engage her in conversation. I didn’t, honestly. She was loud and a little pushy. I didn’t want to call attention to myself. At the same time I felt for her. I had acted just like she was acting at times in my life.

So, she made a comment about a woman’s shoes and I made another comment. Our eyes met. She smiled. To my surprise she didn’t say anything further to me, although she did speak to everyone else who came into the waiting room.

Later, it just so happened that we finished up about the same time. I got to my car and watched as she got into hers. She was a passenger in a car driven by a younger man. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but it was evident that he was yelling at her.

I don’t know if my initial repudiation of her – by taking out my phone and deliberately ignoring her – was responsible for her not engaging me in conversation. I wish I hadn’t done it now. I also wish I didn’t have an idea about her home life that isn’t very pleasant. And, finally, I wish I didn’t think that she was isolated and alone.

A moment out of my day, that’s all it would have taken. A moment, that’s all, and I’d feel so much better about her. And myself.

Home is the Hunter, Home from the Hill…

Home is the Hunter, Home from the Hill…

…and the doggy home from daycare. Plus, I’m home from the ophthalmologist. You know, those tests you have done when you’ve reached a certain dewiness in the Garden of Life. (Ahem.) Plus, a check on the glaucoma surgery done last year.

All is well. Nerves are perfect. Field of vision is great. Pressure is wonderful. I have to go back in six months. Pretty standard.

I only see my doctor twice a year. If I had to see her any more often I would probably go screaming into the night. I waited two hours to see the first person. Next test twenty minutes. Next test an hour. Next test forty minutes. I got out of there about four hours later and was happy to escape.

Stanley didn’t eat before he went to daycare so he didn’t get any bones. I spent the entire time at the eye doctor feeling guilty. Then, when we came home he lay on the kitchen floor eyeing me like we were combatants instead of cuddle buddies. I took his food out of the refrigerator, uncovered it, put it down again, and walked off.

A few minutes later the unmistakable slurps of a famished canine could be heard. I was very calm. I didn’t jump up and down. I merely told him, “Good boy,” and gave him his two bones.

In other words, all is well at Casa Ranney. 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll actually get some work done.


Picture of Stanley and his new buddies at daycare:

Silly Stanley Strikes Again

Silly Stanley Strikes Again

Absolutely no reason to post this other than I thought it was funny.

Stanley has been having issues for the past week. He has refused to eat his food in the morning. He’s done this from time to time, but I won’t change his food again. He’s on a very expensive weight control canned food that’s about $2.50 a can. If he doesn’t like that I give up.

Anyway, I carry around his bowl of food in the morning. I put it in my office in case he wants to eat there. I take it to my bedroom when I get dressed. I take it back to the office.

Yesterday, I figured out the perfect way to get him to eat. I told him, “No dinner, no bone.” He gets his Oravet bone in the morning and he loves that silly thing. It takes about 30 seconds for him to eat it, but he jumps up and down and gets all excited when it’s time.

I think he really understood the ultimatum. He went right to his bowl and ate everything. It’s like telling a little kid, “No broccoli, no dessert.” This morning the same thing happened. When it was time for his bone I shook my head, pointed to his bowl and said, “No dinner, no bone.” Darned if he didn’t scarf it up.

Go figure.

More Stretching the Envelope

More Stretching the Envelope

Today I posted parts 1 and 2 of My Weight Loss Story.

I think I blew Stanley’s mind. I was watching the video. He climbed up on my lap, watched the monitor, then looked at me, then back at the monitor. There were two Moms.

Anyway, here’s my story…

You can tell I’m not used to talking for a half hour at a time.

A Weird Recommendation

A Weird Recommendation

Y’all, you know I’m a gadget girl, right? I love stuff that is new and fun. However, I’m also a practical person, so when I see a product that combines a gadget element with a practical bent, I’m all for it.

Ta-dah! A product from Charmin.

Forever Roll Angle view

I have very little storage in my bathroom. I had a carpenter come in and install a cabinet near the bathtub for towels, but there’s no room for anything else. There’s one small cabinet next to the sink and I’ve equipped that with stainless steel shelves so I have a place to store shampoo, etc. So, there’s no place for other stuff.

Enter the giant rolls from Charmin. They offer this holder that sticks on the wall and works perfectly: (They also have a holder that’s freestanding.)

I know, this is such a weird thing to recommend, but when one roll lasts nearly a month, what’s not to love? (The only caution would be if you have a cat that loves to play with toilet tissue. He’d have a wonderful time with a 1700 sheet roll.)

Here’s the link if you’re interested.