A Dance in the Dark


A Dance in the Dark first appeared in After Midnight, an anthology of vampire tales.

Vampires have never been on my list of romantic heroes only because they drank blood. I discovered, from my research, that the modern tale of vampires was primarily based on 19th century literature.  Prior to that, legends stated that vampires took their energy from their victim’s life force, not their blood.  Now that I could use.

Poor Louisa, the heroine, had an adventurous spirit and the misfortune to have all the genetic errors of a hundred years revealed in her face. Nothing could have made her anything less than ugly, unless it was a spirit who saw past appearances into her gentle soul.  Douglas, the hero – and a vampire – needed a companion, someone to ease his desperately lonely life. Years of hiding from people in order to save them from his touch had made him both wary of strangers and craving an end to his isolation.

When they meet in a darkened cave, Louisa knows he can’t see how ugly she is. Here is a fascinating man who isn’t repulsed by her appearance. To Douglas, she is the respite he’d craved for years, someone who didn’t seem to be affected by his need to feed off energy.

I really did enjoy the end result, with Louisa learning to look past a mirror, and a vampire deciding to dare life.

Oh, and guess what? I went on to write oodles of stories about vampires. Who knew I’d be captivated?



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