Profundities in the Morning

I confess that I visit a myriad of sites on the internet. When I take a break I could be anywhere. This morning, before I started work, I visited a forum where I read the following that cracked me up. They were talking about relationships and how everything is hunky dory when you first start a new relationship. Then it all goes pfffft. I’ve borrowed a few paragraphs from one post. I’d give credit for my “borrowing,” but they’re all anonymous.

There’s a reason they call this the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship.

Eventually, you get comfortable enough with your new beloved that your best behavior starts to slip, your hidden issues come out to play, and you each get to start seeing “the real me.” And, often, “the real me” is not what either you or your beloved were expecting, or prepared for–or willing to commit to. He goes back to being rude to waitresses and shitty to other service workers, and starts making jokes at your expense. She, it turns out, has over $100K in student loan debt incurred by getting a useless degree at a fancy liberal arts college, and no means of ever paying it back. He has kids and an ex-wife who he never mentioned before. She wants kids, but can’t see herself doing it in a traditional monogamous relationship, and asks if you know what polyamory is. He’s a convicted felon, which will sharply limit his job prospects and ability to find better housing for a long time to come. She has turned her bedroom closet into a shrine to her all-time favorite band, Nickelback.

You get the picture.

I thought it was funny, but not quite as bad as most relationships. Evidently, the poster had a bad experience. However, I am fascinated by his/her mind. S/he also said this, which I totally agree with:

We live in a culture that keeps pushing the message that wanting something is the same as being inherently deserving/worthy of it…

I do enjoy profundities first thing in the morning. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Profundities in the Morning”

  1. People need to learn the difference between needs and wants. If you wait a bit on the wants, you may find you never really needed them and you’ll save yourself the money/time/space/etc…

  2. Yup, this could be titled “THE AGE OF ENTITLEMENT”. We do seem to live with many people who believe they deserve – deserve everything they want. They also are done when they are done. Whether they are done with things or other human beings.

    I have been asking in my prayers that God helps us find new ways and ideas during this pandemic. That this helps us find better ways to relate to one another would be a good thing that comes out of all this stress.

    Of course it is easy for me to see the flaws in others, ’cause I am such a perfect person.

    Whoever wrote your post is a funny and insightful person. Too bad I cannot write her a fan letter.

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