Rode Hard and Put Away Wet

I do apologize. There will be some swearing in this post. Also, some losing of the cool.

First point of order, y’all: I’m recuperating from last week/this week. Last week, Tuesday, the man came to give me the quote to repair the ceiling as well as repairing the wall that had to be cut open to fix the tub. Wednesday, the hot water heater had to be replaced. Thursday, they began work (all day) to repair the Sheetrock and also fix the tape seams on the living room/dining room ceiling. Monday, this week, they came and painted said ceiling.

Stanley is mucho stressed. He stopped eating Thursday, he was so stressed. You’d think that a dog with such a sensitive stomach wouldn’t have gained seven pounds, right? Well, this $4.00 a can diet dog food WILL BE EATEN, even if I have to freeze the damn plate from meal to meal. He finally deigns to eat around noon, because he hasn’t gotten any of his treats, like the Oravet (for his teeth) and the Scoot Bar (for his derriere). Today, I kind of lost it after 3 days of this refusal to eat in the morning. I gave him the speech. “Hey, this isn’t the Ranney Bed and Breakfast, you know. I have things to do. I have a book to write, that I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO WRITE FOR THE PAST FIVE DAYS. Do NOT give me any issues, Stanley, my man. I’m on the edge!”

Second point of order. I’m living in the stupidest city in the world. My City Council decreed, unanimously, that it was a HATE crime to call Covid-19 the Chinese Virus and it was punishable by a ticket or something. I swear, I came THIS close to emailing them and saying, “Hi, I’m Karen Ranney. It’s the Chinese Virus, you morons. Like Lyme Disease and Ebola and German Measles and other stuff, you numbskulls. I’m going to say it as many times as I can. Come and ticket me, you lame brains.”

Third point: the flipping keyboard was STILL skipping whole words. WTF? Who skips whole words? Is there a tiny little censor living inside that keyboard that doesn’t LIKE some of my words? It’s like when I dictate. You cannot dictate swear words on Nuance. They will not type them. Cracks me up, every time. It’s like they’re your Aunt Sadie and wash your mouth out with soap. I ended up getting a wired version of the same keyboard and it works fine. What’s with Apple never making any ergonomic keyboards for Mac? It’s a pain trying to find a Windows ergonomic keyboard that works with a Mac. In case you want to know, this one is a Perixx PERIBOARD-512W Periboard-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard and it works pretty well, plus it’s comfy.

Fourth point: I got off the CardioStrider wrong and poked myself with the handle. I went, “Ow,” then didn’t think anything about it until I got undressed that night (three days ago). Holy Batman! I evidently bruised my left breast. This is the one that was damaged when I was attacked many years ago and it’s uncomfortable. I can’t sleep in my normal position. I have to prop myself up with pillows and use ice packs. It will get better in a few days, but I’m annoyed at my own klutziness. (The fact that I have averaged about four hours sleep for the past two nights might have something to do with my mood. 🙂 )

Fifth point: I don’t know what happened to paper towels, but I haven’t had any for ages. I’ve been using terrycloth bar towels and just washing them. The other day, however, I ordered a case of paper towels from Amazon. Good grief, they could double for sandpaper. They’re for commercial dispensers, and I thought they would work, but no. I stashed them in the garage. I have NO idea what I’m going to do with them. I value my hands too much to use them.

Sixth point: I’m having issues with the new book and I needed some way to list the chronology. So, I went back to the Aeon Timeline software that I bought years ago, determined to understand it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to figure that out. Well, something I read turned on the light bulb. It was a EUREKA moment for me. I went, “Of course! That’s how it works.” I love when that happens. I just wish it had happened ages ago. Bottom line, it did exactly what I needed for it to do, illuminated what was wrong. I’ve been sailing through the book for the past two days.

Well, that’s my life lately. I have to confess, however, that in utter rebellion, I refused to take out the garbage today (it’s only a 1/4 of a container.)

I sincerely hope that all of you are doing well. Warm fuzzies to all of you. Waving my magic wand in your direction. Now it’s time to go and convince Stanley that he really does want to eat dinner tonight. Wish me luck. (Still don’t understand how he gained weight.)

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    • Thank you for sharing this. I was of the mindset to refer to it where it originated, but then I began to hear instances of increased attacks against Asian Americans. The important fact is not where it came from, it’s that we find a cure soon for all of humanity. And, I certainly don’t want to contribute to people not of sound mind using my speech to validate their violent attacks. I don’t take offense at NOT referring to it based on the country of origin. (I struggled to discover why it would be so important for me to continue to use CV as opposed to CV-19, did I not care about those endangered.) In one instance, when I saw the President say it it made the hairs on my skin raise, for I felt the venom with the reference and knew the harm that words like that coming from someone SO powerful could be misconstrued. WORDS MATTER! I have no power other than the younger people that may be influenced by me and I made a conscious choice to refer to it by the medical name. Plus, I just needed a way to share some compassion during this extremely stressful sad time. I’m sure we’ll all get through this, but it is challenging in ways I never imagined. Stay safe & Be well! Don’t forget to SEFL-CARE.

  1. The reason they are so touchy about it being called the Wuhan virus is because it came from there, I believe. Otherwise they would not care. I believe in calling a spade a spade. I know what you mean about Stanley and his eating, I have cats and sometimes I change their canned food thinking I’m doing good, giving them a treat. I put it in their bowls and they take a bite and look at me like what the heck is this stuff…….to which I say, I bought a whole box of 32 and this is what you get for the next week…..oops.

    When life hands us lemons, we make lemonade, us girls who are old enough to know how.

    Love you dearly sweet lady and I’m looking forward to your next book. You really brighten my day and give me an escape to look forward to.

    I deal with Nuance also, doing medical transcription through one of their platforms. I’m with you.

  2. It IS the Chinese Virus. You’re right, German Measles, Spanish Flu, they all are named that for a reason—our city and it’s ordinances. I’m sorry you’re having a sucky week. The home projects are enough to drive me over the edge and it sounds like you have your quota of that. I hope it all smooths out Karen. 🙂

    • I seriously wasn’t whining as much as just being exasperated. Shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

      Stanley has refused to go outside this morning AND eat his food. Sigh. 🙂

  3. I hope you are better. It seems like
    life throws trouble all
    at once, sometimes. You are
    strong, and will overcome it.
    I hope Stanley is eating better.

    Take care, I hope each day gets better.

    • I really shouldn’t have posted it, Patricia, since I wasn’t complaining as much as saying, “Can you believe this mess?” I evidently missed the mark in explaining things. Back to the drawing board.

  4. OK – we will figure this is all a test…this is only a test…if it were a real life….by now you would be in jail for saying it is the Chinese virus. Ma’am, I have seen people who do not want to admit the virus came from China. That is rather short sighted. That is where it originated. No getting around that fact. And that has not been the worst….they tried to hide it and the extent of the people who were ill.

    That being said, the idea that people of Chinese extraction would be threatened here is idiotic. That is like people saying we the people are responsible for everything our government does.

    Stanley will eat eventually. Yesterday, Sonny did not eat….He spent his entire day under my bed because of the storms and thunder etc. Today, sunshine is back and he is eating as he normally does.

    Glad you got back on track with the book. It is always good to feel in charge of your work.

    Take care – stay safe –

    • I don’t understand why people won’t admit it’s from China. That isn’t racist. It’s just reality.

      Stanley refused to go outside and eat this morning. Good grief.

    • It would be lovely if Chinese people being harmed by this was just an idiotic “idea.” However, it is a verified fact. In fact, people of any Asian ancestry have been threatened and beaten by fools because of this bigoted idea. It’s classified as a hate crime because it *is* a hate crime. However, clearly no one here is interested in facts that contradict their God-given right to be as racist.

      I’m sad to lose another author I enjoyed, but so it goes. There are plenty of non-racist authors to read.

  5. I think I should wave the magic wand your way. Hope tomorrow is better.
    I agree it is the Chinese virus and if people don’t like me saying it that’s tough.

    • Things are wonderful, just complicated. I’m sorry I gave the opposite impression. 🙂

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