Food and Disease, Canine Style

I’ve told you before how picky Stanley is about eating from time to time. He’ll go along and eat everything like he’s been starved for months and then one day just walk away from his food.

I used to freak out when he did that, especially if he continued his behavior for more than one day. Now? I just put his plate in the refrigerator and walk away, too.

Last year, when I was freaking out about his picky eating, I changed his diet about 20 times, which I learned is a terrible thing to do. However, I did experiment with several bespoke kind of dog food companies that would make a diet specifically for Stanley and send it to us every month. I also made his food for about two months before he turned his nose up at that. His current dog food is a diet prescription blend that costs about four dollars a can. (Rolling my eyes here.)

I didn’t toy with a grain free diet only because of what I’d heard about the fact that it was causing heart disease in dogs. I just read something from Stanley’s pet insurance company. They send me really interesting emails from time to time. Here’s what they said about grain free diets: the rising heart conditions in dogs is quite possibly tied to more instances of something called Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy – in other words DCM. (Shouldn’t it be CDC?) It’s a disease of the heart muscle. The FDA has found a connection to a change in diets, namely exotic ingredients and grain free dog foods.

Interesting, no?

What else I found interesting was a chart showing the most common reasons why dogs were treated at the vet. Here’s the chart that I “borrowed” from their newsletter.

Disease chart

I can verify the stomach issues.

I really do recommend Healthy Paws pet insurance and this isn’t a commercial. They don’t have a claims ceiling and sometimes vet care is horrendously expensive. My life would’ve been easier if I had had insurance with Flash. Stanley is definitely covered.

4 thoughts on “Food and Disease, Canine Style”

  1. Stanley is being treated with soft gloves and you should be commended for the way you go all out to please him.
    I hope you had a nice Mother’s day.

  2. Good Morning, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

    Thank you, for sharing this information on the Pet Ins. and
    the food.

    Have a great day

  3. This chart surprises me. The stomach issues makes sense. I thought cats would have a high percentage of kidney problems. This year and last year I’ve had two separate cats with a UTI but I’ve had cats for over 35 years and none of the others ever had it.

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