Unforgotten is a British TV series normally seen on PBS here in the States. I watched it on Amazon where it’s available for purchase.

I rarely re-watch a series once I’ve seen it, but I’ve re-watched the three seasons of Unforgotten a few times, only to figure out why I love it so much.

Unforgotten is a show about solving the murder of a person that happened many years earlier – similar to what we would call cold cases.

Two detectives are the protagonists. They have lives outside of the mystery, and problems with which most people could identify. For example, the male detective has issues with his almost grown daughters and his divorce. The female detective and her ageing father are clashing.

The other thing about Unforgotten that I like is that the writer demonstrated the victim”s humanity in every season. It’s not enough to have someone die in fiction. The reader/watcher needs to care about them. In addition, both detectives were impacted by the life of the victim and wanted to ensure justice for them.

Sometimes in fiction, whether on screen or book form, everything is wrapped up in an implausible ending. The endings in Unforgotten aren’t wacky, but they are fascinating. You know, once you’ve invested the time to watch seven episodes, that the eighth is going to be a brilliant web of woven skeins.

It’s a genuinely tightly written series that managed to surprise me from time to time. It rates up there as one of my favorites.

Have you watched it? If you have, what do you think?

14 thoughts on “Unforgotten”

  1. Since you have rewatched it, it must be good. I’m going to have to check it out. Is it on Netflix?

    • I honestly don’t know, since I no longer subscribe to Netflix, but I do know it’s on Amazon (for a price).

  2. I have not watched Unforgotten but when I read about it …it reminded me of Elly Griffiths novels.

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