There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere

It’s easy to be positive, upbeat, and optimistic when everything is going well. It’s much harder when you’re on the Titanic, or everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

The past few days have reminded me of the old story about the man passing a stable one day. He heard whistling and poked his head inside to see a little boy happily shoveling manure. It looked like the boy had been at it for quite a while.

“Why are you so happy?” he asked the boy.

The boy beamed. “Why, sir, with all this manure, there must be a pony in there somewhere!”

Can I tell you about my ponies?

Yesterday, was Wednesday. Wednesday is garbage day. I hate garbage day. I hate dragging that wheeled cart that weighs a ton down to the curb. I whine about it as often as I can to as many people who will listen.

Yesterday, I decided that I wasn’t going to take the garbage to the curb. There was only half a container and it could wait until next week. However, after I exercised, I slapped myself upside the head and told myself, “Karen, don’t be a doofus. Take the garbage to the curb before it attracts critters and smells up the garage. Don’t be lazy.”

So, I told Stanley to stay and opened the garage door, Along the way to get the container I noticed all the water collecting at the garage door. Had it been raining? Nope, there was water under the car, too. I traced the water back to its source and stood in front of the water softer system and the huge honkin’ hot water heater. I thought to myself, “Karen, you had the soft water system repaired about three months ago. This looks like the water heater.”

I felt around the base of the water heater and sure enough it was wet. Even worse, the pedestal it was standing on (a code requirement) felt soggy. It’s not a good thing when wood feels soggy. I called my plumber and told him what was happening. Now, this starts the sightings of all those ponies.

I know, you’re thinking to yourself, Karen, that water heater is not going to be cheap. It’s going to be at least as much as you paid for the repairs to the walk in tub. And in that, you would be correct.


Pony #1: Beause of the Chinese virus, my plumber doesn’t have as many calls as he normally does. My plumber is excellent (J.L. Hearn Plumbing) and I’ve been doing business with him for years, but when I have an emergency I sometimes have to wait. (He’s busy and popular.) He came right over with his assistant and they started assessing the issue.

Pony #2: As I said, this is a big honkin’ water heater. It’s a 50 gallon, because of the walk in tub, plus it has a overflow tank. When my plumber and his assistant (Jerry and Byron) went to examine the water heater, it collapsed into the pedestal on which it was sitting. They grabbed it and kept it from falling into the wall behind it, thereby damaging my house or falling forward, damaging my car.(My mother’s paintings are stored in the closet just behind the water heater on the house side and it would have destroyed them.) Thankfully, the guys weren’t burned and were able to get the water heater to a place where it could just kind of collapse onto itself, which it did.

Pony #3: They got everything done in one day, ensuring I had hot water last night. I’ve been without a hot water heater overnight and it’s no fun, is it?

The biggest pony of all – #4 I think that we’re sometimes nudged in directions we need to go. I really didn’t want to take the garbage out, but I’m so glad I did – and saw the water leak. If they hadn’t gotten to it before the pedestal collapsed, it would have been a true disaster. (Oh, and they replaced the pedestal, too.)

Poor Stanley. He barked for an hour on Tuesday when someone came over to give me an estimate to repair the walls. He barked for four hours Wednesday when the water heater was replaced. And he’ll bark almost all day today when they repair the wall (and ceiling) inside the house.

With any luck, I won’t have anything else to repair for awhile. (And I’m still on a deadline and writing a book – 🙂 )

4 thoughts on “There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere”

  1. I had a day like that recently. I was emptying the dishwasher containing the original Pfaltzgraph pattern which was retired about 20 years ago. A dessert plate bounced back out of the cabinet and hit my Pfaltzgraph butter dish breaking it. Then I decided to make my grandmother’s sugar cookies. The baking powder was hard. I mixed the other ingredients together and should have added them gradually. Dumped the whole thing in the garbage! Am still looking for a butter dish.

  2. My pony – I needed a new screen for my sliding glass door. I ordered one on line….even though the website said they deliver, they don’t for this item. It would cost as much as the screen…so I cancelled the order until I could find someone to pick it up for me. Found a guy. Re-ordered for pickup. Then, my guy did not show up. It was delivered and yes it did cost as much as the door, and the door does not fit. So, the guy who earlier did not show up to pick it up promised he would take it back for me.

    He did. And no, I could not get a credit for the door, because they had no record that I had ever ordered the door a second time. They did have a record they delivered it though.

    No, I have decided I did not need the #@&^ after all.

    The moral of the story, it is all good. No matter what. We are having a bad time right now. But, I have hope that we figure out how to do things differently and better in the future. I hope we begin to realize the value of people, rather than phones and stuff. And most of all, I hope we begin to let people know we appreciate what they do for us. You have a plumber who is good. And you are telling us what a good guy he is. See, we need more of that.

    I have a bunch of cards which say “You Matter.” I hand them out to people. And you would be surprised to know how many people are surprised that they do matter.

    Everyone needs to know they matter.

  3. In your case the “what if” worked for you. That’s always a good thing. I grew up in a family of “oh, no” to almost everything. Just the phone ringing. I have had to work to make sure I don’t think that way. I will remember the pony story!

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