Connecting with another human being is vital, in my humble opinion. When we connect, we socialize. We spread civilization and culture. We communicate.

In the past twenty years we’re grown less and less connected as humans. Again, in my humble opinion. We’ve been fascinated with our phones, how the internet can “connect” us to people without that messy business of being vulnerable or judged for our clothes, our teeth, or our awkwardness. We walk along the street with our heads bent over an object in our hands. Doctors have even started referencing a condition in which we’re putting strain on our spines. We aren’t having much to do on a personal level with our fellow man. (Nope, I don’t want to talk about hookups.)

Into this world came the Chinese virus. Now we have social distancing rules and regulations: stay six feet away from another human being. Wear a mask. Don’t these rules push us more and more away from each other? Talk about impersonal. Try dealing with people every day and never seeing a smile because of a mask. (However, I did see a mask the other day that I would have purchased. It was white with gold lettering and said: Does this mask make my boobs look big? Unfortunately, it was out of stock.)

I’ve made no secret about what I think of this mess. I’m also convinced there are long term ramifications for this social distancing we’ve imposed on ourselves. Although there’s a bright side – maybe – for writers. Maybe people will find solace in books, where human beings still talk and touch each other, closer than six feet and without masks.

In the meantime, I’m looking for a funny mask. Maybe one about boobs. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. LOL – love the ideas from Julie and I thank her for the smiles today.

    If I am honest, my life has not changed much. The only big difference – when I go to the grocery store I have a mask on and no one can understand a word I say.

  2. Idea for the mask:

    “Pretend I’m smiling behind this mask. Delude yourself. I’ll wait.


    “Don’t make me change to my angry mask!”


    “Yes, I am smiling. I am imaging Jadon Mamoa without clothes.”

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