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I’m really tired of being blindsided by disgusting vomiting scenes. Y’all, there’s no need for them when sound effects behind a closed door will do. I think it’s done for shock value only. I feel the same about a lot of scenes I don’t really want to see. Maybe that’s why I watch oodles of documentaries.

Last week it seemed like lots of things were breaking. First, the remote controls for the garage door opener. Then, one of the sensors for the security system fell off the door to the garage. I found it in the garage, reattached it, but it stopped working. Every time I alarm the security system I get the message that it isn’t working. My new wireless keyboard is giving me fits. It stops typing in the middle of a sentence, skips a letter, and is driving me crazy. I think it’s the connection between the keyboard and Bluetooth. I told you about the diverter breaking on my tub.

Now, about the fixing of said issues: I feel brilliant, but that’s only because I’ve made mistakes calling in repairmen too quickly in the past and have learned that lesson. I read all the websites about how to fix the remote controls, but none of the ideas worked. I finally replaced both batteries – twice. Then, just before I called the repairman, I said, “Karen, honey chile, it’s been forever since you bought those batteries. Buy some new ones.” So, I did. You might think it’s odd that both remote controls went out at the same time. Normally, I would, too, but both batteries for the Roombas went out on the exact same day about two weeks ago. I might start calling this the “Twinning Effect.” I bought the batteries. They came. I replaced both of them, not thinking it would work, but voila! Both remote controls work perfectly. (I still have NO clue why the Twinning Effect is working. I replaced both Roomba batteries and they work perfectly now.)

The sensor on the garage door was a little more complicated, in that it made me feel like a doofus. I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t connect. I took it off, examined it, and then it hit me. Where the heck is the battery? (Duh…). I took one of the new batteries I’d just purchased and inserted it, replaced it and voila! It worked.

The keyboard necessitated a replacement, wired, keyboard. Thankfully, they aren’t very expensive. I’m going to try to use the wireless keyboard with my laptop or even my IPad. Anywhere I don’t need a production keyboard.

About the tub…here it is, finished. The fixtures are Moen, and I love them. It’s been a little odd getting used to how heavy that shower head is, and the spout juts out a lot farther than the old one, but it’s new. I’ll figure it out. The water pressure is great, though, and it works!

I asked the wall repairman if we could wait until next week. Stanley wore me out, plus I needed to work. My plumber patched up the hole in the Sheetrock well enough that I could live with it until next week.

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Have you ever had a dream where you wake up and go, “What the hell?”

I had this long, drawn out, involved dream where I was an inept VA clerk. I couldn’t have screwed up people’s lives any more than I did in that dream. I woke wanting to apologize to everyone. (But at least I got 8 hours of sleep. 🙂 )

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Have a lovely Friday, everyone! And a great weekend, too.

4 thoughts on “More Bits and Bobs”

  1. I hate to tell you, but I too have attempted to fix things that were not working…and then realized either no battery was present or after testing I found the battery that was there was worthless as (insert your own phrase here).

    Right now, I believe my mouse may be at death’s door…nope not a battery thing this time.

  2. Things do seem to break or happen at the same time. we have water coming in our basement so for now we put down towels and have been using the dryer quite a bit. The other night it wouldn’t start, then 5 min. later our water stopped. We’re down to one toilet because that broke too. Husband was able to put a new part in the dryer, water came back the next day (they’re working on our street and caused a water main break, and husband fixed the toilet (now the other one is broke!). I am going to guess your batteries may go out at the same time again since you put them in at the same time lol.

    • Oh, Jeanne! My issues are annoyances. Yours are life changing! I’m so sorry for all the hell that you’ve been through. Waving my magic wand in your direction.

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