Terrific Tuesday!

We’re having the most exciting day today. It started around 3:00 AM.

After waking at 3:00 AM, I couldn’t go back to sleep, so instead of trying, I gave up and got up. I took the painting off the wall, moved Stanley’s bed, straightened the bathroom, cleaned of the top of my vanity, got dressed, did my hair and makeup, took Stanley out, made his food, got his spare chrome bowl and a mason jar of water, and took it into the office. Then, at 4:00 I went into the gym and started exercising for an hour, finished, went into the office, set up Stanley’s water bowl, grabbed his halter and leash, and started work.

I was ready.

Today they are cutting a huge honkin’ hole in my bedroom wall to access the walk-in tub in order to replace the spout, hand held spray, and faucets. They can’t be accessed any other way. I haven’t been able to use the hand held spray for three weeks now, because the diverter broke off the spout and that particular part is no longer manufactured.

They started work at 8:00. Stanley has been hysterical ever since. I’m here in the office with him, with the doors closed, of course, but he doesn’t like strangers in his house.

At 2:00 another stranger/danger will invade his space to assess the repairs needed on the Sheetrock in the bedroom and another place on the ceiling in the dining room.

Life will be exciting for the Stanster today.

He doesn’t nap when he’s upset, so he will crash and burn around 3:00. I guarantee it. Since I woke up at 3:00 AM I will be joining him. 🙂

May all your Sheetrock stay intact and all your diverters work!!!

PS – it’s the weirdest thing, but I don’t really write well when there are people in the house. I don’t dictate, of course, but I just want to know that I have privacy. Isn’t that odd?

5 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday!”

  1. Best wishes!

    No, it’s not odd. I’m having a hard time getting stuff done with all the family home all of the time.

  2. When Sonny does not like things – thunder – strange men – etc – he asks me to stop it. If I don’t, he continues to ask. He has persistence.

    I think not being able to write when people are working in your home, you are not able to completely erase the world and focus on the story you are creating….makes sense to me.

  3. Poor Stanley!! My Rupert would be just as bad—he’d be trying to tear the door off whatever room he was in to get to the intruders and destroying something, probably the woodwork, in the process.

    • Flash did a number on the office door, the door to the garage, and the window sills in the office. Stanley doesn’t chew or scratch; he just barks – loudly.

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