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Last week, at the end of a two week marathon of a migraine every day – and two on Sunday – I decided that I was fed up with it and was not going to tolerate any more. So, in my research phase, I sat down at my desk and wrote down all the reasons I might be having migraines. They start as ocular migraines, but they’ve been progressing to the migraines with pain, nausea, etc.

  • Staring at the computer screen
  • Dehydration
  • Caffeine (I only drink decaf coffee and no sodas, but there’s still some caffeine in decaf.)
  • Miso paste/soy products
  • Sodium

I decided to try caffeine first. Five days ago I stopped drinking all coffee. I only drink ginger or hibiscus tea now. Guess what? I haven’t had ONE migraine in five days. Can I tell you how wonderful that is?

I suspect that it’s more than caffeine, however. I think I’m probably sensitive to the chemicals used to remove the caffeine from coffee. Or maybe just the caffeine. Coffee’s been such a major part of my life, but in a choice between a migraine and a cup of coffee, I choose no pain.

I’m just happy as a clam that the migraines are no more.

Stanley’s ear hair has begun to cause problems.

He doesn’t like to eat his food in the chrome bowl that goes with his water bowl, so I put his dinner on a paper plate and warm it up in the microwave. (I know, he’s special.) Then I put his plate in the corner of the kitchen on a rug. When he lowers his head to eat (his water bowl is elevated), the ends of his ear hair get in his food. I have to clean them every time he eats.

Is that a first world problem or what?

I’d trim his ear hair, but he looks odd like that. I’ll just keep wiping off his locks. 🙂

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My walk-in tub has caused issues for the past two years. Two weeks ago, the diverter broke. That diverts the water to the hand held sprayer. In other words, unless you’re taking a bath, you’re out of luck. Or you could use a bucket. (Rolling my eyes, here.)

However, what with all the social distancing, the company who installed the tub has no plumbers working. Oh, and the part is no longer made and that lifetime warranty I had? Good luck getting that enforced. (Rolling my eyes again.)

My plumber, who has done all the recent work in my house, IS working! And he’s coming to replace all of the existing fixtures with Moen (whom I dearly love). So, soon I will no longer need a bucket. (It’s the little things, y’all.) Plus, washing my hair has been a trip.

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What’s been happening with you? I hope everyone is feeling peachy, that you’re chomping at the bit to get back to normal, and that your family is all well.

10 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs”

  1. Glad your migraines are gone.

    I had to have a lung function test. Doctor just thinks it’s a combo of asthma and allergies and not covid-19, so, for that I’m grateful.

  2. I suffered horrible migraines when I was younger. I started taking magnesium and it helped. It’s funny that the coffee bothers you because coffee helped my migraines. I guess they run in families as my mother had them and now my daughter gets them.

    • I have NO idea why caffeine affects me or why ocular migraines turned into the painful kind. Just weird. I’m grateful they’re gone, for whatever reason.

  3. I had migraines from age 16-64. I totally understand wanting to find out what caused yours. Hopefully going without coffee will help you

    That mr Stanley !

    • Stanley is such a goof/darling. I am always torn between saying, “More weirdness, Stanley?” and “Stanley, you are the sweetest thing.”

      There’s a particular brand of miso paste I use. I just bought some more. I’m wondering if it has any connection with the migraines. I’m going to have some today and experiment.

  4. The light on my ceiling fan stopped working. Hubby replaced the part. Great right. Nope. Still doesn’t work. Now the fan part will only go slow. So instead of letting him work on it again, I bought a new fan and light unit and having it installed next week. Hate waiting for the install, I’m a fan all year person. But what can I do? Thank goodness nothing else has broken. (Knock on wood) Stay safe. Keep the blog coming.

    • My vacuum died. Then the remote controls on the garage door opener stopped working. I got the vacuum fixed, but the garage door opener has still defied me. My Apple watch keeps losing its charge. I’m about ready to take it off and throw it across the room.

      I think things like this go in cycles, don’t you? Oh, and I know what you mean about a fan 24/7. I rarely turn off my bedroom fan.

  5. It does sound as though you have had an interesting time of things recently.

    I am so glad you have figured out a solution for your migraines.

    As for the plumbing – yeah those lifetime warranties seem to melt away when most needed.

    Take care – stay safe – tell John and Stanley to be safe too.

    • I am so grateful that I will get my tub fixed. I’m sorry they have to go through the wall to do it, but at this point I’m up for anything.

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