I Suck at Social Media

Yep, I do. That’s the truth.

I will never take a selfie in a bra and panties in front of the bathroom mirror. Hell, I’ve only taken one selfie period, and it was the day I had surgery on my nose.

However, I’ve been super busy lately, what with the edits and then the page proofs of the new book and writing another two books. I totally forgot to post to Twitter and Facebook for a week. Oh, and I think I only posted to Instagram once.

I post more to my own blog than anywhere else and even here I’ve been sporadic.

In addition to being busy with work, I’ve been trying to be a good mother. My son is used to being busy, so since he was laid off he comes over twice a week. We’ve been doing “projects” that I haven’t done in ages, like replacing the batteries in both Roombas, touching up the paint throughout the house, washing all the windows inside, brushing down the solar screens outside, cleaning the wooden blinds in the kitchen, cleaning the garage, shampooing all the carpets, and dusting all the ceiling fans.

Y’all, I’m exhausted.

I don’t WANT to do these things, but he’s bored, so we do ’em.

All this activity has taken a toll on my social media time.

(Which is a convenient excuse, don’t you think?)

So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted anywhere, just think of a project around the house. I’m probably doing it, instead.

6 thoughts on “I Suck at Social Media”

  1. No selfies here….but plenty of to-do lists and I have just a few things to finish. Of course, they are the things I don’t WANT to do. Otherwise, I love crossing that list off.

    I thought I’d be staying up late every night with a book…but I just haven’t been able to concentrate since quarantine began. My attention span seems pretty short. Everyone that phones is surprised that I’m not reading, reading, reading…a bird flies past the window and I’m distracted. This is the same person that almost missed a flight because I was so involved in a book…I’m sure it will work itself out eventually.

  2. I didn’t know you had returned to Facebook! I’m glad John is able to help you with things but please do be safe. I know he wouldn’t want to risk your health but he could since he’s not living with you.

  3. I am glad that you and John are doing things which are a help to you and providing activity for him….win ….win.

    I don’t do social media. So, of course I did not realize you have been absent.

    Y’all take care – stay safe —-God Bless.

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