Color Me Fascinated

I posted this picture on Instagram recently. I’m still in awe.

Three years ago I planted a piece of cactus that had come off one of the cacti in the front yard. It was about 10″ high and scrawny. Fortunately, it rooted quickly.

The first year two years it exploded. This year it’s growing taller. I have never done anything to it. I didn’t even water the piece I stuck in the soil. (I use the benevolent neglect form of gardening. 🙂 )

I am stunned by how much it’s grown. The new growth looks like flowers, but they’ll spread out into cactus pads. (The older cacti in the front yard have beautiful yellow blossoms later in the year.)

It’s life, renewing itself. It’s spring, saying, “Here I am!”

Isn’t it amazing?

8 thoughts on “Color Me Fascinated”

  1. I do not have anything like that. I am showing my lack of knowledge about cacti.
    Can you cook and eat them ? If so, veggie, protein or dessert? Helen

  2. It is gorgeous—and I am so jealous. I have tried and tried to grow a cactus to no avail. It’s too cold here to grow them outside, but I’d really like a little one inside but I always kill them in no time.

  3. That is truly beautiful. I am definitely a curse when it comes to any type of cactus. Water too much, don’t water at all doesn’t matter. Think the longest I have ever had one live was three months.

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