Black Saturday

It’s black because of the weather, not because of my mood. It’s raining so hard that it looks like midnight. I have to turn on the lights to be able to see and you can hear the drumming of the rain on the roof.

Stanley hasn’t been out since this morning, but I think he’s okay.

John was going to come over today, but I told him to stay home. We’ll do our day on Monday, instead. Today I’ll work to make up for Monday.

Yesterday, Stanley and I went to the vet for his annual appointment and shots. He’s gained weight. So much weight that he’s on new food, more exercise, and I am bringing him back in a month to be weighed. (I got a gentle lecture, but I was expecting it. I KNEW he’d gained. I just didn’t know how much. Sigh.)

The vet’s office changed all the procedures to ensure no one was within six feet of each other. It was a really streamlined process that impressed me. Everyone had to stay in their cars until an exam room opened up and only one person could come in with the pet. You went straight to the exam room with your pet and never came in close contact with anyone. The whole system was well designed and quick.

Stanley did NOT want to be at the vet. In fact, he left a present in the middle of the exam room floor to protest. I had gone looking for a fecal sample before we went, and worried that the one I found in the yard might not be fresh enough. Maybe Stanley decided to give me a fresh one.

At the end of the appointment, instead of going to the cashier, like normal, someone came and got my credit card. Stanley had a cow, barking and lunging at her. I could not figure out what happened. He was a darling with everyone else. I finally asked her if she had cats. Stanley does NOT like cats. She did. Maybe he knew. Or maybe she was a serial killer in disguise. Who knows why he went berserk.

Other than his weight, he’s doing great. I’ve never had a dog leave a present on the exam room floor, though. That was a novel experience, but Stanley has always been unique. 🙂

Have a lovely Saturday, y’all!

7 thoughts on “Black Saturday”

  1. My husband has allergies and gets biweekly shots and it’s something like that. he has to call from his car but I think they are allowing more than one at a time but at safe distances. I don’t think he’ll be leaving any samples lol.

  2. I’d bet that Stanley could smell the cats on that lady—their noses are remarkable. Stay safe in this awful time.

  3. All vets now have that protocol in place

    Stanley made me laugh out loud while standing in line at the grocery store.

    My Avery Jo is a westie weighing 21 lbs. Vet told me she has to lose weights so we’ve been on long walks. Good for both of us

    Happy Saturday

  4. I was thinking of you when the weather reporter showed the satellite view of a big storm moving over Dan Antonio. It’s been gray & gloomy here for days. My cable carrier (Verizon Fios) has opened up some of their premium channels to us all so I’ve been looking for funny movies I haven’t seen yet – there are a few, but most are dramas. Hope you & John & all your readers will stay healthy.

  5. Maybe all that’s going on is affecting Stanley. Dogs can sense things before we can. I’m eating
    junk food like it’s
    going out of style.


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