Snippets on a Monday

Dr. Michael Greger talked about coronavirus pandemics back in 2008. Here’s his YouTube lecture if you’d like to watch it.

He also has a free book, called Bird Flu. Here’s the link for it.

Stanley is liking this new schedule for John coming over on Wednesdays and Saturdays. He goes slightly nuts around John – they’re bosom buddies – then crashes and burns after John goes back home.

Speaking of bosoms, a sex robot company called Real Doll, aka Abyss, has reassured potential customers that its dolls are antibacterial and free of any viruses. 🙂 I’m not going to embed their video here – but here’s a picture of some of their models. Let’s just say that one or two could also go by the nickname of Jugs. They’re a little spooky since they speak and are powered by artificial intelligence. Oh, they also moan.

I’ve been watching the most interesting TV lately. I’ve picked shows to watch that I probably normally wouldn’t. The documentaries have taught me something – or piqued my curiosity. The fiction shows have run the gamut from really good to rolling my eyes cringe worthy. Most of them were produced outside of the US.

I’m looking at board games, since I’m tired of John beating me at Wheel of Fortune. My very favorite game, ever, was Dark Tower, but it’s no longer made. John’s was the Electronic Detective Game. Again, no longer made.

I hope all of you are managing well – and that you have all the board games you want. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Snippets on a Monday”

  1. I was going to say check Ebay for the Dark Tower game but holy cow! The ones I saw cost $375-600! Yikes.
    I just binged watch the whole first season of, Why Women Kill. I remember when the show premiered because I wasn’t fond of the title. However, I thought it was a great dark comedy that touched on a lot of social issues. The cast all turned in excellent performances.

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