Thank You for All You Do

I think the grocery stores in the nation have done a fantastic job. My hats off to you for keeping things stocked as fast as you could.

They couldn’t have done it without the truckers that always keep the nation supplied. Lately, they’ve driven 500 miles a day, then tried to find places open where they could get something to eat and rest. Lots of truck stops were forced to close so these unsung heroes had an even more difficult time than usual.

I can’t thank them enough for making sure that I had potatoes and bananas.

Our nation runs on the sweat of people who do their jobs every day, never expecting anyone to notice.

To the long haul truckers, the grocery store stockers and checkers, the Fed Ex and UPS drivers, the Amazon personnel, the pharmacists, and the cops and firemen (women?). I am in awe of your dedication and your service.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Thank You for All You Do”

  1. We did our grocery shopping yesterday at a relatively well restocked grocery. Quite a different scene from last week. There are still a few holes on some shelves, but a marked improvement. I second your thank yous!

  2. My daughter and husband both work with groceries so I will continue to worry. My daughter doesn’t have insurance 🙁 Supposedly, in a month she will qualify so until then… I applaud everyone who is still working in this stressful time.

  3. Amen, we are a nation of people who do their jobs, and do them well. And those jobs support each of us in one way or another.

    I saw that in London, people were applauding the people who work in health care. What a lovely idea, giving applause to those people who support us.

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