Ranney’s Rambles

My son and I have assumed new procedures in light of his furlough. He is coming over to my house on Wednesday and Saturday. That means I don’t write on Wednesday. I’ve given myself a furlough day in the middle of the week.

Stanley is ecstatic, since he adores John. When I went to Florida for my parathyroid surgery, John stayed here to take care of Stanley and they bonded then. When I tell Stanley that “John is coming,” he’ll race to the window to keep watch.

Today, we did weird projects I didn’t have time to do earlier. Stanley, as usual around John, was hyper and happy. When John left, he crashed and burned on me. Have you ever seen pictures of sleeping puppies huddled together? I think Stanley believes I’m a weird shaped puppy.

John got news that he’ll probably not go back to work for two months. I hope it’s earlier than that, but who knows? In the meantime, he’s exercising every day, involved with several projects, and coming to my house.

I’ve had some lovely experiences in the past few days. I encountered a wonderful customer service person from the grocery store. I wish I could have met her in person. I received a marvelous (and tear-inducing letter) from a reader, and met – via the internet – other delightful people.

I think, if you look, you’ll find wonderful examples of individuals being extraordinary.

Oh, and one of the great things about John coming over on Wednesday: he gets to take the garbage can to the curb. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Ranney’s Rambles”

  1. So glad for you — your boy close to you! My son lives far away and miss him terribly. Take good care and kiss Stanley !

  2. In times like this it’s the people you miss, my family – my 97 yr. old mom in assisted living, my daughter and my 2 yr. old grandson, my friends. I see my one daughter when I make a trip to the grocery store – one of the workers, as is my husband. I especially worry for those two.

  3. it helps to look for the good things during difficult times – I’m not too worried about myself since I only go out to the grocery store every 1.5-2 weeks, but I am worried about some family members – my oldest nephew has asthma & other autoimmune issues, my future niece-in-law is a respiratory therapist in a hospital in NC – and I think Covid will be around for a while before they develop & distribute a vaccine. I know we’ll get past this, time always marches on, but too many people will probably die even with a well lead effort, so I worry that not everything that should be done will be – that the stay-at-home orders are not in enough places, that people don’t comply & that restrictions will be lifted too soon for non-health reasons & the it will keep spreading. Best of health to you and your son & all your readers.

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