Stanley, the Skunk

Stanley has done it to me again.

I was working, made half my quota, then invited him up into my lap for a nap.

He jumped off about 20 minutes later, but not before spraying me with, sigh, the most awful smelling stuff – anal gland fluid. I dowsed myself with Febreeze – and sprayed it all over the chair. It didn’t work. I had to take off the pants, wash, then change to clean pants.

These new practices I put into place are evidently working. He isn’t impacted any more. I didn’t realize he’d be a skunk, though.

Now he wants to come up and possibly do it to the new pants. I’m declining. He’s whining. I’m lecturing. He’s not listening.

I put on my headphones and finished my quota while he split his time between barking at the window and whining at the base of my chair.

I love Stanley. He’s simply a challenge, that’s all. But isn’t he cute?

7 thoughts on “Stanley, the Skunk”

  1. He’s adorable…
    Kevin (our 8yr old pug rescue) had issues with anal glans. We took him to the vet & they said it was pretty bad. Few days later he’s scooting again. Will have to take him back.
    What are you doing that’s keeping them from being an issue? Though not sure we want him spraying…:)
    Thanks in advance. Y’all take care…

    • Okay, this is complicated, but here goes:

      Stanley gets about 390 calories per day in his various foods. In addition to his canned food, I give him 1/3 cup of Dr. Tim’s Weight Management Metabolite Formula Dry Dog Food. It’s highly rated, plus the big thing is that it’s very high in fiber. I also give him one Scoot Bar every day. That’s the only one that has worked so far (very high fiber, designed for anal gland issues). I also use Glandex wipes to check out his anal glands every day so I know if we’re heading for a problem (swelling, etc.)

      From my research, the issue is fiber. Some experts will recommend that you go to a raw food diet to prevent the problem. I didn’t want to do that. Also, I don’t have Stanley’s groomer express his anal glands any more. I’ve discovered that if they’re done on a routine basis, you’ll have to do them forever. I wanted them to be natural (like this morning – hah!).

      • Ah, gotcha. I’ll look into the wipes & Scoot bar but will definitely have to research the where & how on the anal glans. Vet told us there were internal & external. The latter is the ones the groomer expresses. Yay….lets hope Tallulah doesn’t develop this issue. She’s a big touch me not.
        Appreciate the info!

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