Today I Am a Squirrel

I swear, I don’t know where my mind is today. I have 15 important things to do – including work – and I haven’t even started them. Or work.

In times of stress I get super calm. I must not be stressed, because I’m a certifiable squirrel. On uppers. I’m writing notes to myself. I’m running through the house saying, “Light, light, light,” to remind myself to turn off the bedroom light or “Water, water, water,” to clean Stanley’s water dish.

He’s a squirrel today, too. He’s gone out twice, stared at the encroaching fog and the damp ground, then turned around and come inside. I just shook my head and told him, “You’d better not pee on the carpet,” and followed him into the office.

Being a squirrel for a day isn’t a bad thing. It plays hell with your work ethic, however. Here’s to hoping that my squirrel can type. Or dictate with a headphone.

Over and out from Squirrel Central.

4 thoughts on “Today I Am a Squirrel”

  1. A squirrel on uppers?!? That is slightly horrifying. On the bright side, I bet you got a lot of steps in.

  2. I’m joining you in that squirrel community. We are on a 14 day” Safer at Home” quarantine. I’m always on the run and don’t stop,
    our schedules have definitely been

    Take care, praying for everyone to stay well.

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