Diary of a Mad Writer: Day ? of the Lockdown

Y’all, I continue to be amazed at the populace. So many people are odd. So many people are absolutely delightful.

In our neighborhood we’re having Bear Sightings. Each neighbor is asked to put a teddy bear in a window and the children are looking for them. Alone, of course, or on Teddy Bear Sightings in their parent’s cars. Isn’t that a cool idea? My teddy bear is in my office window. Come on, you KNOW I had one.

It’s impossible to find bananas anywhere. Or certain kinds of peanut butter. If you are a food addict – which, thankfully, I’m not – you would be hard pressed to find your goodies nowadays. It makes me wonder if rationing during World War II was like this. Why isn’t it ever written World War 2? Why always the Roman numeral?

I think all the grocery stores are doing a wonderful job. HEB, which is a local/regional chain that’s huge here in Texas, has a specific number for senior citizens to order their groceries and get them delivered. Isn’t that a great idea?

You have to be very sneaky to get a delivery from Prime Now. Order very early in the morning and you can get a delivery two days later. I ordered from Prime Now last week and got the wrong order. First time it has ever happened. I ordered on my desktop, went to Amazon, and clicked Whole Foods. I only ordered about $33 worth of stuff, but I got a big order that wasn’t mine. The poor person whose order I got had loaded up on popcorn, pretzels, cookies, pasta, ravioli, butter, and sour cream. In other words, nothing that I could eat. After talking to the Amazon rep from Prime Now, I was left with, “Thank you very much for letting us know. Goodbye.” Uh, what about my $33? I gave the pasta to John, telling him it was the most expensive $33 pasta in the world. Frankly, if that was my only problem, I don’t have any problems. I did feel sorry for the person who was expecting popcorn and cookies, not to mention ravioli. I had to throw it all away.

John was laid off on Friday, like millions of people, probably. It was the first time it happened to him, but it happened to the entire hotel. It’s a very popular hotel, near the airport, so if it’s affected, everything’s affected.

On a personal note, I tried this new shampoo that was supposed to be good for thinning hair. It was billed as sulfate free because I break out in huge, ghastly pimples with a sulfate shampoo. Well, guess what, y’all, it had something called SODIUM LAURYL SULFOACETATE DISODIUM LAURETH SULFOSUCCINATE – which, to my untrained eye – sounds similar enough to sodium lauryl sulfate that it caused me problems. Namely, these huge, honkin’ pimples the size of a dinner plate. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but there are about twenty of them on my scalp. I’m going back to baking soda. It’s the only way to wash my hair and not be in pain. Better living through chemistry? Uh, no. Maybe the old ways are the best.

I think that several of the cultural things that are happening in this era will continue when we’re no longer in lockdown.

You do realize that there’s an old Chinese curse, don’t you? It states: May you live in interesting times. I would say that these are interesting times, wouldn’t you?

Do let me know how you’re doing in your bunker.

Your pimply headed reporter

12 thoughts on “Diary of a Mad Writer: Day ? of the Lockdown”

  1. You were able to order Prime?? Okay, I must check that out!
    So sorry about John, is it just a furlough and he’ll be called back when things pick up?

    • It’s just a furlough. Hopefully, he’ll be called back in April. Crossing fingers. He goes nuts when he isn’t busy.

  2. My friend received a changing table dresser instead of a lacrosse wall from Amazon. Her husband was upset. We all laughed. He thought she forgot to mention something. They’re past the baby age–busy with three teens and one pre-teen. lol

    We’re making do. I’ll probably have to venture out and buy some things. My middle is supposed to come home from college this week. He will eat me out of house and home.

  3. Hi Karen,
    Sad to hear that your son was furloughed, I’m hopeful that everything will get back to normal sooner rather then later. The Palmer House in Chicago a also furloughed the staff, but we’re told they can use sick and vacation time. Some places are paying employees for a short time. That’s a blessing.

    So far we’ve been able to get bananas and some other fresh fruit. I haven’t been out all week though, so not sure what’s out there now.

    Sorry to hear about your shampoo debacle. It sad sounds painful. 😕
    Have a good week ahead. Thanks for sharing with us. Stay safe and healthy.

  4. I’m worried about my son who works in law enforcement. He has to work so he is stressed because he has four small children at home and he is worried about getting the virus and bringing it home.
    I’m okay, I have food .

  5. Ah Karen, I so love you <3
    I may not reply often but I read every blog post and usually smile.

    I'm doing OK. Like the rest of us who are self quarantining I'm going a bit stir crazy…no chair yoga, no deep water aerobics, no grocery shopping, no picking up anything to get out! My husband is taking my high risk health very seriously and keeping me at home. I try every day to get a walk around the neighborhood to get out. So far we can go outside and enjoy nature, just not with people…My routine at home hasn't changed much. I go through emails, go through my FB notifications and read. I should be doing lots of going through things (books, estate leftovers cluttering my living room, re-organizing my sewing room) but I'm still in denial, lol.

    I'm healthy and in contact with my adult children via snapchat, text and phone. Our cat Rascal has even cuddled with me a time or two, lol. Life is good under the circumstances.

  6. I was working overtime & weekends due to the low rates. That stopped Friday. I’ve enjoyed this weekend. Moving my office & doing around the house. However, I do have to go to work tomorrow. Closings etc…
    DH has pneumonia & is staying in. & away from others As a school bus driver he isn’t working right now so that worked out.
    My oldest is still going in to work while middle & youngest are working from home. My DIL is a teacher, so she’s off right now. Youngest’s GF teaches silks & gymnastics, so she’s not working either.
    What I don’t get is the toilet paper. Was in 3 stores Friday & they had none. When I spoke to Daddy in Ga last night he said police had found 20,000 rolls of stolen toilet paper. Good gravy…
    It’s good to see on the next door neighborhood sites the people helping others by running errands etc…Things will change after all this is over. Hopefully, most of those changes will be for the better.
    Y’all stay safe & well….

  7. Since Sonny has agoraphobia, he is adjusting well to being at home…..he has a few places where he will walk and do his thing….then he wants to run home. On the way out, his fluffy tail is over his back and very plumey. When he is done and on the way home, it drags behind him like a wedding train because he is so afraid of being away from his safe place. Even after nearly 3 years with me, he still has issues….but we are still hoping that eventually being outside on an adventure will become more appealing to him.

    As for me, I am an introvert. Being home is no biggie. Figuring out how to get to places I need to get things, has been interesting. But, I have been on the phone to try to make arrangements. I have made new phone friends….people are so very kind and helpful and want to discuss the situation.

    I hope that John finds peace in his new found freedom. I know so many people who are facing this and there are worries. Maybe there will be a check to help him out a wee bit. I have said a prayer for him and all the others.

    WWII – at one time I had my ration book from that era. No idea what happened to it. Since I was a small child, my parents had the opportunity to get shoes for me because my feet grew. And there were stamps which you could use to get foods, or gas, or children’s shoes. There was no hoarding, because you could only get what your stamps allowed. I don’t remember a great deal, but I do remember people grew food when they could. I remember that there was a sense of importance listening to the radio to hear the latest news.

    And finally – of course it is WWII – it was named after WWI, what else would it be.

  8. Some of the grocery stores here are setting aside the first hour for senior shopping,
    but it’s still crazy, according to my neighbor. Schools have been closed for the duration as are the public playgrounds. It’s so strange not to children playing outside.

    Hope you, John and Stanley stay well.

    • Hi Karen,
      I don’t reply often but read all your posts. I was looking about the web. Have you tried prose at prose.com, it’s custome hair care, said it’s tailored to each person.
      It’s very quiet in my neighborhood, which is strange. But being at home is going well. I’m going to use the time to spring clean and purge the closets.

  9. I have been out once in over a week. I got a new phone and had to go and have it set up. I’m a dummy with things like that. If we need things from the store Terry or Tanya go. Terry is having a hard time not being able to work outside lately, we have been having a lot of rain. The youngest, Sophie, thinks it’s a vacation and wants to go places. Nope. For a preteen you can understand her thinking. Things are pretty peaceful in our house so far. I hope it stays that way. Stay well Karen.

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